DJ Dacha 162 Dreamer www.djdacha.netRoy Jazz Grant, JHB, Miss Patty, Tobirus Mozelle, David Harness, The SyntheTigers, Tom Glide, Terisa Griffin, Guri Guri Boys, Fuminori Kagajo, Daniele Baldi, Din Jay, Tony Fuel, LaSonya, N.W.n, Fond8, John Julius Knight, Jstreet, Gino Love, Twolegs, Nu Ground Foundation, Lombard Street, Demarkus Lewis, Cortney LaFloy, Rick Lenoir, Ritmo Y Tumbao, Josh Milan, Jesse Outlaw, Bill Beaver, Steal Vybe, Andrea Curato, Peter Jericho, Dovie Cote'

Length: 1 hr 57 min
Release date: 20 Jun 2019

DJ Dacha - Dreamer

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DJ Dacha 161 Dangerous LoveReggie Dokes, Blizzard Beats, Cornell C.C. Carter, Frankie Feliciano, Adam Nyquist, Jay Gecko, Kirstie Fox, Aldo Bergamasco, Karla Brown, Anthony K., Sheldon So Goode, Reelsoul, DJ Spen, Mr. Eclectic, Jazzphonix, Giorgio Carcanella, Kathy Brown, Booker T, Deft Bonz, 1Luv, KlevaKeys, Chico Flash, Clement Spark, The Nick Jones Experience

Length: 1 hr 52 min
Release date: 25 May 2019

DJ Dacha - Dangerous Love

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DJ Dacha 160 Wanna Be HappyN.W.N., Max'C, Pierre Piccarde, Sergio D'Angelo, Aldo Bergamasco, Deepo, Groove Assassin, Mike City, DJ Booker T, Satta, Anselmo Torres Neruda, Cee ElAssaad, Jackie Queens, Mark Francis, Crue Paris, Glass Slipper, Emmaculate, Kaye Fox, Terry Hunter, JazzyFunk, Sebb Junior, Craig Stewart, Andy Edit, Dana Weaver, Diego Auguanno, Johnny Rampin’, Alex Agore, Groove Assassin, Jephte Guillaume, AK Akemi Kakihara, Masaki Morii, Paul & Panchez, Alex Moiss, Allovers, Dolls Combers, James Lavonz, Deepsearcher, Lady Alma, The Rainmakers, David Harness, Chris Lum, Cecil, Relevant Sound, DJ Spen, Mark Francis, Brutha Basil, DJ Latinmix, Zweiklang, Ton Hyll, Javier Varez, Alex & Chris, Shatti

Length: 1 hr 52 min
Release date: 14 April 2019

DJ Dacha - Wanna Be Happy

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DJ Dacha 159 House Music Restored My Soul www.djdacha.netCross Grooves, Kwetsi, Heureux Deep, The Blak Beatniks, Sean McCabe, Ricardo Reale, Chujo, Bonetti, Jeremy Ward, Daweird, Bruno Kauffmann, Barbara Douglas, Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa, Gae Harper, Karl Sierra, Soledrifter, House Arrest NYC, Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole

Length: 1 hr 13 min
Release date: 15 February 2019

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DJ Dacha 158 For Those Who Know www.djdacha.netJacssen, CJ Reign, Tony Fuel, John Sievers, Reelsoul, Groove Junkies, Solara, Distant People, Leah (UK), Terron Darby, Monday Michiru, Phaze Dee, Stacy Kidd, Pierre Reynolds, The Jagg, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge, GrooveCut, Sandrah, Sweet Female Attitude, BKT, Marc Cotterell, Dominic Balchin, UKSA, Roy Jazz Grant, Rhythmic Groove, Darian Crouse, Deepn SoulBR, Robert Carvalho, Deep City Soul, Micky More, Andy Tee, Danny Losito, Opolopo, ZuluMafia

Length: 1 hr 24 min
Release date: 10 February 2019

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Here is collection of precious music that I was enjoying long time ago, but, I can still listen to it today like it's new. You'll find some of the oldest and best house and deep house music production that is timeless for me. You can call it classics, retro, roots, but, it's certainly more than that. This music also represent some of the best years in my life, this was my 'mainstream' house music for a long time, and still is. But, for many listeners, it will still be underground... Parental advisory : 40 years and older!

This part of the site is dedicated to my online radio show DJ residency which I was doing during 2007-2008 on UK internet radio called MixTheGroove. Unfortunately, radio was shut down after a while, but I kept my radio shows as mp3 files, and they're ready for download! Every radio show is basically DJ mix, music only - no talk!  Each week I carefully prepared and mixed some of the best and unknown deep, soulful, jazzy and tech house music for this show, I hope you gonna like it...

On this page you'll find my DJ sets which are recorded while I was playing Live at my favorite clubs and venues. I was resident DJ for many years, and I used to play 4 nights weekly in legendary club Contrast and I have had resident night at Paradiso discotheque in Novi Sad. However, Lounge Cafe happened to be last place where I did my last weekly DJ sessions before I moved to New York City. Every set has different vibe and it's worth listening and downloading. It's 99% house music with big influence of Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Soul, Funk and Afro-Latin rhythms and elements.

I worked more than 10 years as a DJ on many local radio stations in my city and I've always enjoyed mixing new electronic music and making interesting radio program. Radio is great because you know that someone is listening to you, but you don't know who they are and how many people is tuned in. However, I didn't recorded many of my radio DJ sets, but I did catch some of the latest sessions when I worked on my favorite radio ever IN RADIO Novi Sad 1998-2009 (R.I.P.) My main goal was to promote new and old deep, soulful, funky, jazzy, latin, tech house music and have fun doing it. Here are my radio shows recorded specially without my vocals;) (thank you) - just good old house music.

Dacha in the mixI remember years ago every time I browsed through my precious music collection I ended up with thinking that I have to mix my favorite tracks in some very long DJ mix which will present different styles/folders that I had on my computer in that moment (1973-2003). That wasn't the main reason, I actually wanted some long mixes that I can listen to and do some other creative things. It took me a lot of time to prepare and mix this long mixes but it was worth it. I didn't care so much about technical aspect of my mixes, this time music selection was only important thing to me. After months and months of preparation, one day I decided to start with this huge project and now we have 4 very long DJ mixes here, and they're presenting some of the best music talents in electronic and modern music scene.

DJ Mixes that I've done for others