DJ Dacha 159 House Music Restored My Soul www.djdacha.netCross Grooves, Kwetsi, Heureux Deep, The Blak Beatniks, Sean McCabe, Ricardo Reale, Chujo, Bonetti, Jeremy Ward, Daweird, Bruno Kauffmann, Barbara Douglas, Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa, Gae Harper, Karl Sierra, Soledrifter, House Arrest NYC, Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole


  1. Cross Grooves - Better You (Original Mix)
  2. Kwetsi, Heureux Deep - Dance (Heureux Deep’s Soulful Remix)
  3. The Blak Beatniks, Sean McCabe - The Right Place (Sean McCabe Deepa Instrumental)
  4. Ricardo Reale - Set Me Free (Original Mix)
  5. Chujo - She Got Me (Original Mix)
  6. Bonetti, Jeremy Ward - Down 4 Whatever (Original Mix)
  7. Daweird - Café (Original Mix)
  8. Bruno Kauffmann, Barbara Douglas - Higher (Original Mix)
  9. Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa - Music From My Soul (Homero Espinosa And Tony's Juno 106 Dub)
  10. Gae Harper - Can You Feel Me (Original Mix)
  11. Karl Sierra, Soledrifter - Vibe All Night (Soledrifter Remix)
  12. House Arrest NYC - A Brief Lesson In French (Original Mix)
  13. Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole - Butterflies Dub (Dub)

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