mfm cover1400This EP has 3 tracks and 3 great remixes, we call it MFM (Music For Millennium), I did the music and Millennium (aka Milena Jelic) sang and I used some of her samples too. So, I mixed down 2 tracks and we've had one from the past, You Got Me Burnin'. We already released this one for IDJ website first CD compilation few years ago and we collected some good reviews. It's Gotta Be Deep is newer and story is funny because I used Milena's vocal sample 'It's Gotta Be Deep' that we recorded early for my radio show jingles, long time ago. But, the best thing is that we also have remixes for it, one produced by LeChe (ModernQuartet) and other from DJ Zlatan from Sweden ;) Excellent thing. And, Keep Holding On is our 3rd track that also has remix signed by maestro Vanjus (ModernQuartet).

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  1. You Got Me Burnin'
  2. It's Gotta Be Deep
  3. Keep Holding On
  4. It's Gotta Be Deep (Zlatan's Deeper Mix)
  5. It's Gotta Be Deep (Leche's Boosting Bass Mix)
  6. You Got Me Burnin' (Vanjus ReMix)