Danylo - ComingThis is my first CD album that I made. Here you'll find collection of my first production works. When I entered into this world of electronic music production, first I wanted to catch up with latest music software and tools, and this would be the final result of my learning process. Track Coming is my first produced track that I produced and mastered. It all start to happens after I picked up some production tricks from my friends on RBMA when I attended in 2001. After one year of making music with tools such as Sony Acid, Reason and Cubase, I decided to finish it all and here it is, CD recorded in 2002. I wouldn't tell that I'm very proud of all of it, but some tracks are very good, some interesting, and some could be remixed again... Overall, I think it's better then many crap music that you can find online today. I also included remixes from Modern Quartet crew (Vanjus & LeChe) and Noise Destruction own DJ Z, Much respect!

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  1. Coming (Original Dirty Mix)
  2. Catch Me (Minimalmix)
  3. New York Influences
  4. Attractive (Original Mix)
  5. Deep Fusion (feat Buttke)
  6. Tribal Call (Xtra Careful Mix)
  7. Morning (Club Mix)
  8. Coming (DJ Z Mix)
  9. Here Comes The Sound (Jazzy Mix)
  10. I Hear Something (Pssst Mix)
  11. I'm Leaving This Place
  12. Coming (Vanjusremix02)
  13. Coming (LeChe Mix)
  14. Singin' (Late Nite Mix)
  15. That's Not A Masagger