Soulbreeder - You Dont Know ShitThis is a Different House Music EP, with four house tracks included. It's opening with wobbly bass “I Made A New Track” track, very catchy synth with some sampled vocals, and you have a funky house in deep. Next comes political track “Second Chance (Manganese Mix), it's a Gregory Dick’s speech that is nicely dubbed on Deep House track. It has a strong message, I hope you can dig it. Third track is very important, tells you life's major truth, “You Don't Know Shit, But, Shit Knows You". Funky guitar deep house music in full affect! Trip hop and house combined. “Still Untitled" is closing up this EP with some strong breakbeat house music rhythm, and the message is right on the spot, “Get It On"! Wobbly rubbery bass is surprise, but funky rhythm holds the tension. Enjoy

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