DJ Dacha - BrotherhoodYo. Here we go again, new DJ mix is ready! AFter many hours spent in the store, I finally picked up some gems that I liked. You'll hear some good House and Soulful House music in this mix, a bit of everything, vocals, deep, soulful, house, tech, you name it. Coctail it is. So, how many artists worked on this one? Many: Alex Agore, Raffa, Nuphonic, Seb Skalski, Donna Hidalgo, Vladi Solera, Steven Mestre, Jose Burgos, Dawn Souluvn Williams, Sebb Junior, Miss Coco Brown, Yllavation, Gianluca Calabrese, Pat Bedeau, Waxfood, Michelle Weeks, Earl Tutu, John Khan, DJ Spen, Hi-Jaq, Velma Danzo, Lucius Lowe, ARS Domini, Byron The Aquarius, 10Drums, Cam Lasky

Length: 1 hr 22 min
Release date: 13 April 2016

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DJ Dacha - House PartyHey House Music Lovers, here's the one mix for you, less Soulful but still very deep. Good for the party, good for the dance floor, and it'll make you move! So, here's what I promised, fresh selected House music coming from the well established, and some new producers such as: King Kooba, Dathan Williams, Sandy Rivera, LYP, Elliot Chapman, KORT, Lj Pepe, Kemit, Ian Kay, The Checkup, Lifford, Soledrifter, MiCON, Nick Murrell, Greco, Austin Welsh, Mickey Kojak, Oli Hodges, Will Varley, Sean M, Trimtone, Goodge, Mojeaux, Romaine, Miss Patty, DJ Shorty, Nelson Paradise Roman, Alfonso

Length: 1 hr 33 min
Release date: 13 March 2016

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DJ Dacha - Lay Your Love on MeHey Soulful House heads, it's a great page that you found! I have prepared and mixed some of the best Soulful House music together with some House & Deep House gems. You'll find a lot of new producer names in this mix, many people worked hard for all these tracks and I have it all here in this DJ Mix! So, download and dig into the beutiful vocals and music of: Secret Value Orchestra, Emdee Brown, Kai Alce, Groove Junkies, Michele Chiavarini, Lee Usher, Luis Loowee R Rivera, C Robert Walker, Guido P, Soulful Session, Yvonne Park, DJ Fudge, Blind Colors, Melonie Daniels Walker, Ricky Morrison, David Anthony, R & D, Opolopo, Erik Dillard, Rhemi, Livio Mode, Bart Gori, Soul Sarah, Phaze Dee, Celli Pitt, The Journey Men, True 2 Life, Circle Of Funk, Phillip Ramirez, Cotterell, Matthew Yates, Thomas Brenner, Oby, Ricky Morrison, Jose Gonzalez, Fresh Sol, Rooted Channel Brothers, Moon Rocket, Bel-Ami, Aberton, Mauro Capitale, Fabrice, Spiced Boogie, DJ MoReese, Retrogroove, Carlos Mena

Length: 2 hr 04 min
Release date: 03 March 2016

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DJ Dacha Deep R HouseOnce again I was browsing traxsource House, Soulful House & Deep House genres, and look what I found here! One nice set of lastest house music tracks, and remixes that I decided to mix right away together in this set. As name suggests, you'll hear a bit less vocals and you'll feel more rhythm on this DJ mix, let's dance! Check it out right now and meet new (and say hi to your old) buddies: Tim Deluxe, Gino Love, Simplex Sensus, Gene Farris, Gaulois, ThePorter, Deeplachord, DJ E-Clyps, Lucianno Villarreal, Gregory Dub, Jizz, Born To Funk, Soul Minority, Nathalie Claude, Khenzo-Lee, Uch, Julien Guzz, Pete Kaltenburg, Nino Langguth, Ansgar Scheffold, REda DaRE, Jesse Rivera, Hilario V, Maertini Broes

Length: 1 hr 47 min
Release date: 08 February 2016

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DJ Dacha - Deep Into New York www.djdacha.netHere we have my 2nd DJ mix for 2016, and I'm still going deep but this time I'm inspired by New York City. Yes, music on it is a bit harder, deeper, tech, more than usual, but it's gonna be "easy listening" for all of you deep house headz. As always, I'm presenting some fresh names that recently found deserved place in my music library, and also some old school house masters. Check it out right now and meet: Dominox Latte, Ta-ice, Tony Vee, Daniel Barross, Richard Earnshaw, Simon Adams, Luca Belloni, Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell, Chrono, Bruno Costenaro, Electroshaft, Micky More, Andy Tee, Right To Life Coqui Selection, Norty Cotto, United Funk Pilots, Ciro Sannino, D Juiz, Josh Milan

Length: 1 hr 17 min
Release date: 22 January 2016

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DJ Dacha - Deep Till The EndWell, this New 2016 I will start with deep house DJ mix, at least it's Deep Till The End. And, besides some real deep and tech house I mixed variety of other genres here; funky deep, disco deep, afro deep, you name it, we have it: Western Deep, Anthony Oseyemi, Deephope, Le Canarien, Albertone, Homero Espinosa, Kevin Yost, O.O.R.S., Dave Mayer, Random Soul, Kostafunk, Izzy La Vague, JoioDJ, Noraj Cue, House Of Funk, Oliver Night, Thomas Frake, AM2PM, Unique2Rhythm, Rito, Mark Di Meo, Sofia Rubina, Groove Delivers, Nef Padilla, MJ White, Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Jephté Guillaume

Length: 1 hr 30 min
Release date: 01 January 2016

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DJ Dacha - Love ReligionLast one for the end of 2015? I don't know... we have five days left before 2016 is here... Anyway, here is one more time real deep and soulful house pick for the fresh start in 2016, check out some new and some well known faces: Escort, JKriv, Bugzy Siegel, Michele Papa, MJ White, Guido P, Erick B's, Beat Rivals, Alex Millet, Emory Toler, Soulbridge, Two 4 Soul, Nontu Xulu, DJ Spen, David Anthony, Bennett Holland, DJ Nic-E, Daniel Barross, Tropicall, Artone, Marc Tasio, Djeff Afrozila, Richard Earnshaw, Mr. Moon, Mark Lewis, Mortimer Snerd III, Steve Miggedy Maestro

DJ Dacha Keep On Believin  Deep house headz, this is my selection of Deep & Tech House for the best of year 2015, it's deep enough for me and also soulful. We have some great producers on this one: Soulfuledge, Terry Lex, Przemaz B, Lacey Stars, Roland Nights, Gino Love, JFunc, Erefaan Pearce, Pearl Diver, Demarkus Lewis, Bugzy Siegel, Jason Lee Ward, Alan De Laniere, DocOlv, Jacob Bech, Fabio Tosti, The Fakies, Bibi Provence, Jazzloungerz, Deeplomatik, DJ Mark Brickman, Circle Of Funk, Lifford, True 2 Life, Filth & Smell, Ryan Holliday, Demarkus Lewis, Under_score, DJ E-Clyps, Spiritchaser, Terry Grant, Soledrifter, The Sunchasers

DJ Dacha - Masterpiece (Best of Deep Vocals House 2015)Here's my selection of Deep House Vocals for 2105, I hope you gonna enjoy it: Choklate, Jazzmattik, MissuM, Norty Cotto, Khowcie, Ultra Soul Project, DJ E-Clyps, Anya V, Anton Djaneiro, Joao Ribeiro, OtherSoul, Blaze, UDAUFL, Byron Stingily, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge, Dawn Souluvn Williams, Guido P, Mark Brickman, Anthony Poteat, Aspire Sound, Soul Power, Delgado, Billy Lofton, Jocelyn Mathieu, Alex Finkin, Sean McCabe, House Of Funk, Oliver Night, Sheila Ford, Louie Vega, Rhythm Inc, Johan S, Rhemi, Kutiman, Karolina, DJ Christos, Monique Bingham, Soulplate, Noelle, Midnight, Sol Brown, Taliwa, Typheni, Reelsoul, Tommy Rawson, Przemaz B, Enea Dj, Che Cherry, Copyright, Imaani, Sheila Ford, Joey Negro, Circle Of Funk, Lifford, True 2 Life, Richard Earnshaw, James Vargas, Souldynamic, Dana Weaver, Danny Slim, DJ Burlak, KidzBlock

DJ Dacha - Black Concept (Best of Solo House 2015)For the end of 2015 year I selected and mixed some of the best Solo Deep House music, I hope you gonna enjoy in music created by: Dominic Dawson, Tommy Bones, Lilac Jeans, Sean McCabe, Ultra Soul Project, Chymamusique, Roland Clark, Richard Earnshaw, Felix Combo & Fabrizio Fattore, Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce, Ali & Calero, The Scientists Of Sound, Mario Gatto, Marlon D, Boddhi Satva, Marc Cotterell, Fever Brothers, Soulfuledge, DJ Spen, Neil Hodgson, E-Man, Pat Bedeau, Luis Radio, Belizian Voodoo Priest, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Tarek, Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin