DJ Dacha - Summerized House 2017Jamie Lewis, Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky, Rito Da, Weird, Micky More, Danny Losito, Micky More, Andy Tee, Djed, Gynisse Way, Bonna, Vincent Kwok, Nina Lares, Q Narongwate, Jean-Jerome, LPR, MamaGama, Mauro Gatto, Dj Romain, Emory, DJ Spen, Sean McCabe, Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson, Le Smoove, Man Without A Clue, Angelo Ferreri, Fizzikx, John Mateo, Soto, JoioDJ, Wondress, Earl TuTu, John Khan, Tsalikee, Tuff Vibes, Kandiak, Bart Gori, AbysSoul, Sio, Norty Cotto, Simone Barbaresi, Rick Wade

Length: 1 hr 54 min
Release date: 24 September 2017

DJ DACHA presents
Summerized House
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.147


  1. Jamie Lewis - Cookys 6
  2. Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky - My Way (Husky's BHM Deluxe Edit)
  3. Rito - Take Your Time
  4. DaWeird - Gritty Party (Original Mix)
  5. Micky More - Bad Vanilla (Original Mix)
  6. Danny Losito, Micky More, Andy Tee - Burn The House Down (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
  7. Djed, Gynisse Way, Bonna - Breath Away Remixes (Bonna Remix)
  8. Vincent Kwok, Nina Lares, Q Narongwate - Didnt Waste No Time (Q Narongwate Remix)
  9. Jean-Jerome, LPR - Harley (Original Mix)
  10. MamaGama, Mauro Gatto - Switch Beat (Mauro Gatto Alternative Mix)
  11. Dj Romain, Emory, DJ Spen, Sean McCabe - This Hot (DJ Spen & Sean McCabe Hotter Than July Mix)
  12. Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson - Don't Talk (Main Mix)
  13. Le Smoove - Deeper Than Before (Original Mix)
  14. Man Without A Clue, Angelo Ferreri - I Got A Funky Vibe (Angelo Ferreri Soulful Touch Mix)
  15. Fizzikx - I Luv Ya (Original Mix)
  16. John Mateo, Soto - Don't Make Me Love You
  17. JoioDJ, Wondress, Earl TuTu, John Khan - Music (Earl Tutu & John Khan Smooth Groove Mix)
  18. Tsalikee - Hammond Attack (Original Mix)
  19. Tuff Vibes - Leave Me Cold (Original)
  20. Kandiak - The Beat (Original Mix)
  21. Bart Gori - Feel Like (Original Mix)
  22. AbysSoul, Sio, Norty Cotto - Words (Norty Cotto Remix)
  23. Simone Barbaresi - Gangster Of House (Original Mix)
  24. Rick Wade - I Know Ur There

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