DJ Dacha 149  Jazz 4 House 2017Michael Johnston, Leandro Di, Colman Buckley, Hideo Kobayashi, Lisa Taylor, Deepkeen, Submantra, DJ Umbi, Doug Lazy, Mr. V, Daniel Rangone, Matt D, The Chicago All Stars, Ondagroove, Clementson, Cafe 432, Marcelle Duprey, Ezel, Mike City, Fizzikx, Hardage, Gil Scott-Heron, Enea Dj, Dj Lucas Wolf, Martin Depp, Ross Waldemar, Diesler, Afrika Fuentes, George Kelly, Mattia D'amato, Alex M, El Seano, Thomas Blondet, Julia Vo, Daitm, Lombard Street, Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Alain Ducroix, Hazel Fernandes, Peppe Citarella, BKT, Memzee, Twolegs, Marc Cotterell, Kindred Soul


  1. Michael Johnston - Feel The Melody (Original Mix)
  2. Leandro Di - Jazz Inside Me (Original Mix)
  3. Colman Buckley - All The Way (Original Mix)
  4. Hideo Kobayashi, Lisa Taylor, Deepkeen - Love All Around (Deepkeen Remix)
  5. Submantra, DJ Umbi - Feel so High
  6. Doug Lazy, Mr. V - Sky High (Mr. V Low Rider Remix)
  7. Daniel Rangone, Matt D - Free (Matt D Remix)
  8. The Chicago All Stars, Ondagroove - Let Freedom Ring (Ondagroove "Let Freedom Rain" Remix)
  9. Clementson - Soul Affair (Original Mix)
  10. Cafe 432, Marcelle Duprey - Waste My Time (Cafe 432 Bump Mix)
  11. Ezel, Mike City - All This Time (Bayacou Dub)
  12. Fizzikx - Jam 01 (Original Mix)
  13. Hardage, Gil Scott-Heron, Enea Dj, Dj Lucas Wolf - Hysterical Years (Enea DJ & Dj Lukas Wolf Remix)
  14. Martin Depp, Ross Waldemar - Somewhere In HA0 (Ross Waldemar Remix)
  15. Diesler, Afrika Fuentes, George Kelly - Red Light (George Kelly Remix)
  16. Mattia D'amato, Alex M - Moves
  17. El Seano - Feel Alive (Seano's 2017 Mix)
  18. Thomas Blondet, Julia Vo - I Need You
  19. Daitm, Lombard Street - My World Is Shaking (Lombard Street Remix)
  20. Sergio Matina, Gabry Sangineto, Alain Ducroix, Hazel Fernandes - Must Be Dreaming
  21. Peppe Citarella - Melody For My Mind (Original Piano Mix)
  22. BKT, Memzee - Love Somebody (BKT Deepsoul Mix)
  23. Twolegs - Funny How
  24. Marc Cotterell - I Will Not (Classic Rhodes Mix)
  25. Kindred Soul - Stranger (Deep In The Dub Remix)

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