DJ Dacha - Strictly House 2017Fanatix, Gily, 4Tek, Melodymann, The Journey Men, Fyza, Micky More, Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky, Przemaz B, DaWeird, Mickey Oliver, Russoul, Hypnotic Lovers, Daniel Rangone, Matt D, Mike Millrain, Mick James, Jean-Jerome, LPR, Martin Depp, Ross Waldemar, Le Smoove, Tuff Vibes, Fizzikx, El Seano, Fizzikx, Twolegs, BKT, Memzee, Dr. Shemp, Criss Hawk, DJ Macho, Rick Wade


  1. Fanatix - Get A Grip
  2. Gily - So Confused (Original Mix)
  3. 4Tek - Release Yourself (Original Mix)
  4. Melodymann - Vibez (Original Mix)
  5. The Journey Men, Fyza - Happiness (Dub)
  6. Micky More - Bad Vanilla (Original Mix)
  7. Bonetti, Rescue Poetix, Husky - My Way (Husky's BHM Deluxe Edit)
  8. Przemaz B - If You Ever Need (Original Mix)
  9. DaWeird - Gritty Party (Original Mix)
  10. Mickey Oliver, Russoul, Hypnotic Lovers - Just a Tease (Hypnotic Lovers Remix)
  11. Daniel Rangone, Matt D - Free (Matt D Remix)
  12. Mike Millrain, Mick James - How Deep (Original)
  13. Jean-Jerome, LPR - Harley (Original Mix)
  14. Martin Depp, Ross Waldemar - Somewhere In HA0 (Ross Waldemar Remix)
  15. Le Smoove - Deeper Than Before (Original Mix)
  16. Tuff Vibes - Leave Me Cold (Original)
  17. Fizzikx - Jam 01 (Original Mix)
  18. El Seano - Feel Alive (Seano's 2017 Mix)
  19. Fizzikx - I Luv Ya (Original Mix)
  20. Twolegs - Funny How
  21. BKT, Memzee - Love Somebody (BKT Deepsoul Mix)
  22. Dr. Shemp - I Keep Hangin' On (Original Mix)
  23. Criss Hawk, DJ Macho - Got You (Original Mix)
  24. Rick Wade - I Know Ur There

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