DJ Dacha - Deep Soulful Relaxation - DL72Sometimes I want to relax with deep and soulful house and it's hard to relax with electronic and dance music, you want to dance on most of it. But, I think I managed to balance between some great chill-it-a-bit tracks that you can enjoy alone or with your love one. Prepare your favorite drink, roll one and press play. These are your guests tonight or today: Christian Alvarez & Marck Jamz, KqueSol & Shatti, Nteeze & Andy, JazzLoungerz & E-Man, Robbert Mendez & Leo Caetano, Ladi Adiosoul N Paul, Little D & Stamy, Twelve90, Hood Natives, Erin Leah, Zethu, Thulane Da Producer, DJ Roland Clark & Urban Soul, Alliance DC feat. Rachael Calladine, Prune Flat & Rutger Bremer, Deephope


  1. Christian Alvarez & Marck Jamz - Only You (Soledrifter Dub) Delecto
  2. KqueSol & Shatti - Make Love To The Music (ZuluMafia Funk Soul Mix) Kquewave Records
  3. Nteeze & Andy - From Cape To Cairo (Classic Mix) Dowa Entertainment
  4. JazzLoungerz & E-Man - The One I Lost (Original Mix) JazzLoungerz Digital
  5. Robbert Mendez & Leo Caetano - Deepanema (Luv Boutique Deep Pass) Panama Red Records
  6. Ladi Adiosoul N Paul - Soul 2 Soul (Original Mix) Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD
  7. Little D & Stamy - Jia (Organ Mix) Natural Essence Media Ltd
  8. Twelve90 - Vibes and Guitar Soul Candi Records
  9. Hood Natives - Native Craft (Original Mix) Hood Natives
  10. Erin Leah - Radio Billie Stereo Ella (N'Dinga Gaba Remix) Quantize Recordings
  11. Zethu - Summertime (ZuluMafia Dub Mix) ZuluMafia Digital
  12. Thulane Da Producer - Sunday Morning (Sunday Mix) Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD
  13. DJ Roland Clark & Urban Soul - My Urban Soul (Black Sonix LOFI Dub) Street King
  14. Alliance DC feat. Rachael Calladine - Take Me Now (Cafrodeep instrumental) Think! House Music
  15. Prune Flat & Rutger Bremer - Sleepwalker (Bourne Remix) Muzicasa Recordings
  16. Deephope - Toppings (Orginal Mix) Aftersoul Records

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