DJ Dacha - Frisky Soulful House - DL71Husky (Random Soul) & Natalie Conway, Steve Mill & Keisher Downie, Submotion Orchestra, Seb Skalski, Masta P, L.T. Brown, Steven Stone & Wendy Lewis, Syncopate Soul, Logistix pres. Deon Nathan, Ewonder feat. JD Smoothe, Chris Forman & Terrance Downs, Tortured Soul, Matt Meler & Ron E Jones, Random Soul, Steve Miggedy Maestro, GOFFunk feat Belle Erskine, Jose Sousa Feat Aisha, B=note, Zuziwe Mavuma, Kay Bonez feat. Anthony Poteat, Daniel J., DJ Jaz, Dahrio Wonder, DJ Fortee, Komplexity, Akhona, Clark & Pudell, Glenn Underground, Jonny Miller, Ckenz Voucal, Deepconsoul, Sive Msolo, DJ Garphie, Stereo Mutants feat. Marcus Pearson, Johnny Fiasco, Joe Rizla


  1. Husky (Random Soul) & Natalie Conway - What Do I Do (Original Mix) Muzik 4 Tomorrow
  2. Steve Mill & Keisher Downie - Nobody (Jam & Keys Remix) Madhouse Records
  3. Submotion Orchestra - Thinking (Mark Knight Remix) Toolroom Records
  4. Seb Skalski, Masta P, L.T. Brown - Set Me Free (Seb Skalski Alternative Mix) Nylon Trax
  5. Steven Stone & Wendy Lewis - New Lady (Scott Diaz '15 Years To Late' Remix) Soul Deluxe
  6. Syncopate Soul - Everyday Crime Digital Imprint Trax
  7. Logistix pres. Deon Nathan - I Feel (Samson Lewis Remix) King Street
  8. Ewonder feat. JD Smoothe - Only U (Ewonder Original Mix) Ewonder Records Intl
  9. Chris Forman & Terrance Downs - I Left It On Hi (Beyond Real Vocal Mix) Nite Grooves
  10. Tortured Soul - Dirty (Makoto 4x4 Remix) TSTC Records
  11. Matt Meler & Ron E Jones - Give It Up (1990 Spin 'n' Rinse Cycle) Random Soul Recordings
  12. Random Soul - Mysterious (Yogi & Husky Vocal) Random Soul Recordings
  13. Steve Miggedy Maestro - Get Loud (Original Mix) MMP Records
  14. GOFFunk feat Belle Erskine - Sucker for your Love (Spiritual Blessings Deepah Vocal) Drum Records
  15. Jose Sousa Feat Aisha - New Bebop (OtherSoul Mix) Perception Music
  16. Syncopate Soul feat. Tamara Watson - Make It On My Own Digital Imprint Trax
  17. B=note, Zuziwe Mavuma - Too Doo (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix) Cabana
  18. Kay Bonez feat. Anthony Poteat - Bless The Day (Original Mix) Multi Soul Records
  19. Daniel J., DJ Jaz, Dahrio Wonder - I Can't Get Enough (Harlum Remix) Moulton Music
  20. Logistix pres. Deon Nathan - I Feel (Souldyamic Remix) King Street
  21. DJ Fortee, Komplexity, Akhona - One More Try (Zulumafia Down To Earth Mix) DeepForestSA
  22. Clark & Pudell - Zashu (Soulplate Remix) Pole Position Recordings
  23. Glenn Underground - AfterHours Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic
  24. Jonny Miller, Ckenz Voucal - Good Inside (Original Mix) Soul Candi Records
  25. Deepconsoul, Sive Msolo - Music Language Hang Session
  26. DJ Garphie - Synth The Size (G's Soulful Mix) Whasdat Music
  27. Stereo Mutants feat. Marcus Pearson - I Got a Feelin (Berny's Made in Italy Deepah Dub) Drum Records
  28. Johnny Fiasco - House of Chill (Original) Klassik Fiasco
  29. Steve Miggedy Maestro - Get Loud (2 AM Deep Remix) MMP Records
  30. Joe Rizla - Way Back Home (Sunflower No Sax Vocal Mix) Black Keys Music

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