DJ Dacha - Back 2 My Future - DL73This one is for house music fans, it's basically house with some deep and soulful tracks. It helps me moving around, it has that let's go energy and you can also listen to it when you going to party. There are few easy listening tunes here, but most of it will make you dance if you love to dance. Here is the crew: Aquarius, Jerk House Connection, Paul B., Peven Everett, Fantasy & Allen Jackson, Avi Elman feat Danny J & Lifford, Peter James Kahn, Steven Stone & Simon Green, Phaze Dee, Expanded People, Inaky Garcia, Ben Kyps, Thievery Corporation, Andrew Lozano, Baby Noel & Lau Estrada, DeepQuest & MyLove, Flapjackers, Zolee

  1. Aquarius - I Always Knew It (Original) Stereoheaven
  2. Jerk House Connection - New York Style (Ross Couch Remix) Nightbird Music
  3. Nteeze & Andy - From Cape To Cairo (Classic Mix) Dowa Entertainment
  4. Peven Everett - Black Boy (Dalminjo Instrumental) UDM Show Records
  5. Fantasy & Allen Jackson - Pledge (Abicah Soul Mix) D Sharp
  6. Avi Elman feat Danny J & Lifford - Give N' Take (Original) soWHAT
  7. Peter James Kahn - Back 2 My Future (D-Reflection Remix) Stimulated Soul Recordings
  8. Steven Stone & Simon Green - You Changed My Mind (Original) Soul Deluxe
  9. Phaze Dee - Housemusic Solid Ground Recordings
  10. Expanded People - The Sound (Original Mix) Expanded Records
  11. Inaky Garcia - Get A Funk (Deep Josh The Applefunk Remix) Rule 5
  12. Ben Kyps - Aleluya (Jose Torres & Toni Fuentes Remix) Massive Records
  13. Thievery Corporation - El Pueblo Unido (Miguel Migs Salty Dub) Salted Music
  14. Andrew Lozano - Set Me Free (Original Mix) Skeet Traxx
  15. Baby Noel & Lau Estrada - Gotta Have Your Love (Andy Ward & Deep Josh Dub Mix) Applefunk
  16. DeepQuest & MyLove - It's All About You (DJ SGZ Nightshade Mix) SoulDeep Inc. Records
  17. Flapjackers - Pillow Talk (Usual Suspect Refluffed Remix) Sugar Shack Recordings
  18. Zolee - Early in the Morning (Original Mix) Dash Deep Records

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