DJ Dacha 008 Deep Retro Grooves www.djdacha.netFinally, I finished 8th mix from my Deep Retro Grooves series, and this one will be precious for all of us who like vocals in deep house music! Diggin' through my house music archive folders, I found some old gems stored, waiting to be mixed again! So, I had to mix all of those tracks again in this great Retro House mix. Some tracks will be well known, some maybe discovered twenty years later, but it's all very good, I hope you'll enjoy it! Here are the great artists: Âme Strong, Attaboy, Mood II Swing, Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett, Blaze Frankie Valentine Feat. Anita Davis Kathy Wood, Abstract Truth, Willy Washington Ft. Paula Ralph, Jasper Street Company, D'influence, Hardrive 2000, Bso Feat. Alison David, Jay-J Presents Clay Acox, Funky People Feat Cassio Ware, Mateo & Matos, Kings Of Tomorrow, Belizbeha, Duke, Robert Owens, Dance Or Die, Abacus, Presence


  1. Âme Strong
    Tout Est Bleu (François K. Rmx)
  2. Attaboy
    New World
    Toko Records
  3. Mood II Swing
    All Night Long
  4. Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett
    Don't You Dare Stop Loving (GU's Dedicated Dub)
    Nite Life Collective
  5. Blaze
    Wishing You Were Here (Joey Negro Vocal Mix)
    Slip 'n' Slide
  6. Frankie Valentine Feat. Anita Davis
    Lift Your Soul (Frankie Valentine Studio 21 Vocal Mix)
    Quiet Riot
  7. Kathy Wood
    Give Me Joy (Booker T Remix)
    Phuture Trax
  8. Abstract Truth
    (We Had) A Thing (Matty's Body & Soul Remix)
    Streetwave Music
  9. Willy Washington feat Paula Ralph
    Ain't No Runnin Away (Ricanstruction Mix)
  10. Jasper Street Company
    Solid Ground
    Basement Boys Records
  11. Cassio Ware & The Funky People
    I Like You (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)
  12. D'Influence
    Hypnotize (M.A.W. 12" Mix)
  13. Mateo & Matos
    Don't Ever Stop Lovin'
    Glasgow Underground
  14. Hardrive 2000
    Never Forget (When You Touch Me)
    Strictly Rhythm
  15. Alison David & The Black Science Orchestra
    Sunshine (Sunset Vocal Mix)
    Afro Art
  16. Jay-J pres Clay Acox
    Come Back (Main Vocal Mix)
    SFP Records
  17. Funky People Feat Cassio Ware
    Funky People (Klubhead Vocal)
    Funky People
  18. Mateo & Matos
    The Real Thing (KOT Underground Mix)
    Glasgow Underground
  19. Presence
    Sense Of Danger (Original Presence Mix)
  20. Kings Of Tomorrow
    Let It Go
  21. Belizbeha
    Inhibitions (Clear Horizons Mix)
    Belizbeha Music Inc.
  22. Duke
    So In Love With You (Pizzaman Edit)
    Propio Records
  23. Robert Owens
    I'll Be Your Friend (Original Def Mix)
  24. Dance Or Die
    The Struggle
    Pro-Zak Trax
  25. Abacus
    Fragile Records
  26. Presence
    Future Love (Love From San Francisco Mix)

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