DJ Dacha 002 Deep Retro GroovesThis is 2nd DJ Mix in Deep Retro Grooves series that I specially mixed with music from my old house folders. Since I worked on radio stations, I was able to play many of these tracks in our program. However, they never got "proper" treatment, read mixed all together in one continous DJ mix as this one. So, if you're an old house music lover or you're want to learn deep house history, dig into it, here are some names that put a stamp on this mix: Code 718, Aqua Bassino, Shazz, Andy Carrick Clan Greco DJ Deep & Kulien Jabre, Demon Ritchie, Moodyman Mateo & Matos Mood II Swing, I Cube DJ Deep, Nalin & Kane, Pepe Bradock Pour Trankilou, Powder Productions, Airto


  1. Code 718
    Wave Music
  2. Aqua Bassino
    Welcome Home (Live Mix)
    Glasgow Underground
  3. Shazz
    El Camino Part II
    Straight Up
  4. Andy Carrick
    Freak Vibrations (Kevin's Freaky Groove)
    Large Records
  5. Clan Greco
    Rotation (Eric Kupper Remix)
    Deeply Rooted House
  6. DJ Deep & Kulien Jabre
    Burundi Twilight
    Defender Music
  7. Demon Ritchie
    Guidance Recordings
  8. Moodyman
    Music People
    Juice Bar
  9. Mateo & Matos
    New York Style
  10. Mood II Swing
    Do It Your Way
    Large Records
  11. I Cube
    Comme Des Esprits (Maas Mix)
    Large Records
  12. DJ Deep
    Sweet Summer Vibe
    Large Records
  13. Nalin & Kane
    Large Records
  14. Pepe Bradock Pour Trankilou
    Large Records
  15. Powder Productions
    Rhode Island
    Large Records
  16. Airto
    City Sushi Man (Ashley Beedley Mix)
    Large Records

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