DJ Dacha - Soulful House Christmas - DL69I dropped some beats and vocals in this mix preparing it for the Christmas 2012, I hope you gonna like it. It's 100% soulful and deep house so be prepared for some stunning vocals and real singing. It wasn't hard to find these great tracks, production is gettin hotter and hotter these days ;) So, If you love deep soulful house, this one is for you, check it out: UC Beatz, Soulfeenix feat. Janyssha Lyon, Ree Morris, Deep Xcape feat. Oscar, Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien, Ananda Project & Kai Martin, The House Inspectors, Mojito feat. MJ White, Alex Ander, SoulBasics feat. Kyla Sexton, Audiowhores, Steven Stone & Marc Evans, Robert Owens, Reel People & Omar, Gee.


  1. UC Beatz - Doctor Soul (Original) Juiced Music
  2. Soulfeenix feat. Janyssha Lyon - I Know You, I Live You (Edmund Mix) Xtrasolar Records
  3. Ree Morris - Fly With Me (DJ Christos Magic Session Mix) House Afrika
  4. Deep Xcape feat. Oscar - Take You Away Deep Xcape Music
  5. Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien - About Love (Sean McCabe's Alt Vocal Dubbed Mix) Solid Ground Recordings
  6. Ananda Project & Kai Martin - A Second (Reelsoul Main Remix) Nite Grooves
  7. The House Inspectors - Reach Out (Husky's RSR Vocal) Inspected Music
  8. Mojito feat. MJ White - I Want Rock You (Swift Of DJN Project & Slikk Tim Rmx) Sugar Groove
  9. Alex Ander - Take Me There (Eric Powa B. Velvet & Silk Remix) King Street
  10. SoulBasics feat. Kyla Sexton - Rest Your Mind (Douglas Marques Soulwerk Mix) Grooveland Music
  11. Audiowhores - Trapped Blacksoul
  12. Steven Stone & Marc Evans - Who's To Blame (Original Mix) Deeptown Music
  13. Robert Owens - Sacrifice (Kai Alce Distinctive UK Remix) NDATL Music
  14. Reel People & Omar - Outta Love (Souled Bootleg Mix) Papa Records
  15. Gee - Dream Works (Original Mix) Soul Candi Records

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