DJ Dacha - Deep Soulful House - DL60After I carefully collected and selected best deep & soulful house tracks for year 2011, I mixed bunch of them in this "Deep & Soulful House" DJ mix. It's enough just to mention great artists that you'll find here; Juno What!, Monique Bingham, Papo Sanchez, RedSoul feat Carla Prather, Mark Grant feat Chezere', DJN Project feat Drea D'nur, Harley & Muscle feat India, Joseph Hines feat Loretta, Elz & Elise, Zion H, Ben Westbeech, Colin Sales Feat Elaine, Harley & Muscle feat Joi Cardwell


  1. Juno What?! - Don't Wake (Macrofunk Mix) Limestone Recordings
  2. Monique Bingham - You. Me. World (Ralf Gum GOGO Music Vocal) Bigga Sounds
  3. Papo Sanchez - Girl You Bad (As Hell) (Terry Hunter Bang Sundays Club Mix) T's Box
  4. RedSoul feat Carla Prather - Save Me (Sean McCabe Remix) Playmore
  5. Mark Grant feat Chezere' - Planting Trees (Funk Pass Vocal) Blackstone
  6. DJN Project feat Drea D'nur - Musiq (Main Mix) Purple Music
  7. Harley & Muscle feat India - Then Came You (Jamie Lewis Where We Came From Mix) Purple Music
  8. Joseph Hines feat Loretta - Sometimes (Hallex M Remix) CliqueAMP
  9. Elz & Elise - Soul Power (Ruben Mancias & Raffa Scoccia Mix) Harlum Muziq
  10. Zion H - Go With The Flow (Soulful Vocal Mix) MN2S
  11. Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend (Joey Negro Z Mix) ITH
  12. Colin Sales Feat Elaine Suzy Scott - C'est La Vie (Montana & Stewart Vocal Mix) Universe Media
  13. Harley & Muscle feat Joi Cardwell - How Deep Is Your Love (Main Vocal) Soulstar

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!