DJ Dacha - Getaway - DL45I'm back with some fresh and some older cool music. Label of the mix is Getaway. This mix is perfect summer blend of deepness and freshness, check it out with cold drink in your hand: Kawabata, Anthony Molina, James BledsoeFish Go Deep, Kenny Carvajal feat Reggie hall, DJ Enne, Fred Everything feat Lisa Shaw, Reel People, Richie Robinson, DJ Fudge feat Mani Hoffman, Rob Roy, Unus Umre...

  1. Kawabata - Persuasion Drumpoet Community
  2. Anthony Molina - Fundamentals (James Bledsoe Deep Remix) The Source
  3. Fish Go Deep - Flying Funk i! Rercords
  4. Kenny Carvajal feat Reggie Hall - Life Is (Vocal Mix) Habitat Records
  5. James Bledsoe - Roundabout (Demarkus Lewis Journey Mix) The Source
  6. DJ Enne - Road To Gambara Innvision Recordings
  7. Fred Everything feat Lisa Shaw - Here I Am (Lazy Days Vox) OM Records
  8. Reel People - Upside (Karizma's Old's Kool Instrumental Remix) Papa Records
  9. Richie Robinson - Good Music (Ver 1) Blue City Records
  10. Fudge feat Mani Hoffman - Keep On (The Layabouts 2008 Regroove Mix) Stalwart
  11. Rob Roy - Killer In My Mind (Kirby Mix) The Source
  12. Anthony Molina - Come As You Are (James Bledsoe Mix) Getaway Recordings
  13. James Bledsoe - Vibe Iz Thick (Anthony Molina's Deepah Mix) Getaway Recordings
  14. Anthony Molina - Holding On (Maduenos Re-Rub) Getaway Recordings
  15. Unus Emre - Mea Culpa (Original Mix) Yakuza Recordings

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