DJ Dacha - Christmas 4 Party - DL44This one is must have! At the end of the year I selected and mixed some of the best tracks in one great party mix called '"Christmas 4 Party". 45 selected tracks in almost 3hrs long DJ mix. Sexy, groovy, all night long... Download right now! Johnny Fiasco, Nicolas Vautier feat Blick, Catalan FC & Sven Love, Timbalestics, Jason Howell, Wipe The Needle, Gabriel Black, Deep Josh, Da Funk, Bobby Magnifique...


  1. Johnny Fiasco - Go Deep Control
  2. Nicolas Vautier feat Blick - Sala (Ralf Gum GoGo Vocal Remix) Jaffa Music
  3. Catalan FC & Sven Löve feat Paris Gilbert - Real Love Kif Recordings
  4. Timbalestics - Meo Amor (Schwarz & Funk Deep Mix) Seamless Recordings
  5. Ivan-I & Jason Howell feat Rootz - Blessed Dub BigCityBeats
  6. Wipe The Needle - The Rhythm The Drum Deeply Rooted House
  7. Gabriel Black - Keep Me Dancing Tangible Recordings
  8. Deep Josh & Angel Piña - Movement (Original Mix) Soulfuric Deep
  9. The Craftsmen - Feel The Beat Greenhouse Recordings
  10. Da Funk - Her Digits Acryl Music
  11. Joshua Heath - My Headphones Salted Music
  12. Groove Junkies & Andy Caldwell feat Alexander Sky - I Believe In Dreams (Groove Junkies MoHo Vox) MoreHouse Records
  13. Studio Apartment feat Monique Bingham - Found Him New World Records
  14. Bobby Magnifique - Be My Number One (Bobbys Main Pass Mix) Abicah Soul Records
  15. Craig Hamilton - Cant You See Me Yakuza Recordings
  16. Johnny Fiasco - The Message Control Recordings
  17. Groove Invaderz - Jungle Fever (Central Avenue Remix) Barcoda Recordings
  18. Kinky Movement - Gotta Be Smart Replay Recordings
  19. Louis Benedetti pres Gene Perez - Bottoms Up (Alternate Mix) Soulful Sessions
  20. The Hoodfellas - 3 Way (Danny White Redid) Smoke City Music
  21. Shovell - Drums Of Ghodrat (Louis Benedetti Da Drums) Defected
  22. Hanna Haïs - Jungo (DJ Memê Remix) Atal
  23. Bobby & Steve feat Pete Simpson - Time To Let Go (Bobby & Steve & Dave's Rio Workout) Zoo Groove Stereo
  24. Da Funk - Dig Dis Acryl Music
  25. Rhythm Plate - Remember The Days Winding Road Records
  26. Joshua Heath - How It Should Be Salted Music
  27. Soydan - We Got Game Yakuza
  28. Physics feat Alexandra Hamnede - Let It Out (Vincent Kwok Mix) Seamless Recordings
  29. DJ Memê - V.A.I. (Deep Josh Mix) Soulfuric Trax
  30. Souldynamic feat Brent St Clair - Slow It Down (Central Avenue Dub) Barcoda
  31. Kinky Movement - Illusions Drop Music
  32. Davidson Ospina feat D'layna - Ladadi (Dada) (Main Mix) Spina Records
  33. Rhythm Plate - Keep Moving Hudd Traxx
  34. Mark Grant feat Dajae - Satisfaction (Soul Bounce Vocal) Blackstone
  35. Tiger Stripes - Kayoko (Kiko Navarro's Tribute To L.G. Remix) ProgCity Deep
  36. Djaimin feat Crystal Reclear & Buddah Monk - Change (Jamie Lewis Moody Mix) Purple Music
  37. Vernon & Da Costa - Jazz Woman (Ion Edit) Odds & Ends Music
  38. Digital Villains - Busted Speaker (Original Mix) Jackin Tracks
  39. Deep 6 Syndicate - On And On (Hustlin Mix) Strobe Records
  40. The Candy Dealers - Alabama Shrewd Music
  41. Mood II Swing feat Tara J - Passing Time (Dub) Strictly Rhythm
  42. Rita Quintero - Quiero Saber (Sterling Ensemble Mix) Deep Haven Music
  43. Trackheadz feat Zaki - Feel (Mr V Vocal Mix) NRK Sound Division
  44. Soularis - Closer (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
  45. Physics - It'S All Good (Matty Soulflower Mix) Seamless Recordings

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!