DJ Dacha - Life Style - DL03What takes to be a DJ? Well, besides your precious mixer, decks, headphones and fashion, good dance music is always number one that attracts crowd on the floor. For this one I prepared some of the best "cyber disco" tracks with a hint of tech and progressive house. There are a few artists that you will hear only here and probably never again, and that's one of the points. This is one future-tech disco DJ mix, if you like "faster music", this one is for you. I hope you'll enjoy discovering some great artists such as: Motel 6, Matthew Boone Vs. Discotexx, Scalawag, Master Blaster feat Antony DeMarco, Joe Negro feat Taka Boom, Mac Zimms, Robie Rivera, Olav Basoski, Wigwam, Bedlam, Eric Powell, Discotexx...


  1. Motel 6 - Dizko Baby (Jeux Floraux Remix) Starlet
  2. Matthew Boone Vs. Discotexx - Money Doesn't Grow On The Trees Lost Vegas
  3. Scalawag - Rollin' Around Lupeca
  4. Olav Basoski - Musica Work
  5. Master Blaster feat Antony DeMarco - Everything You Are Bootleg
  6. Olav Basoski - Down With It Work
  7. Joe Negro feat Taka Boom - Must Be The Music (DJ Antonie Mix) Incentive
  8. Mac Zimms - Build For Dancing Bango
  9. Motel 6 - Dizko Baby (Alexander Purkart Meets The Plastik Park Remix) Starlet
  10. Robie Rivera - There's Some Discofans Here Tonight (Jeff Roach Mix) Episode
  11. Olav Basoski - Turn It Out Work
  12. Wigwam - High Voltage NU-Tone
  13. Bedlam - Da Force (Extended Mix) Playola
  14. Eric Powell - Reach And Hugg (Langston Hugg Mix) Bush
  15. Discotexx - Big Apple Jazz BCC

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