DJ Dacha - This Is Only A Test - DL06DJ experiment, task for DJ, practice new skills? I'm always in for it! For this time I tried something totally different. I wanted to mix one DJ mix with tracks that are already mixed in other DJ's mixes! We've done that many times before in old days, you got new DJ mix CD, and you wanted to play track from it... It's harder, you don't have much time to mix it, and it's hard to get pitch right sometimes... However, this is maybe one of my favorite spontaneous DJ mixes. Artists: Problem Kids, Zero Db, Nick Holder, Peace Division, Suba, Powder Productions, Orpheos, Plastic Avengers,  Audiomontage, Halo Varga, Marino Berardi, Mood II Swing Killer Loop,  Sound of Soul,  Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos


  1. Problem Kids - Miles Away (2 Bit Whore mix) Paper Recordings
  2. Zero Db - Come Party Fluid Ounce
  3. Nick Holder - America Eats It's Young NRK Sound Division
  4. Unknown Artist - Unknown Unknown
  5. Peace Division - Tribal Funk Low Pressings
  6. Suba - Felicidade (Buscemi Remix) Ziriguiboom
  7. Powder Productions - Chile Sauce (99 mix) Glasgow Underground
  8. Unknown Artist - Unknown Unknown
  9. Orpheos - Fascinated (Monkey Drum Mix) Mephisto Records
  10. Plastic Avengers - El Bombata (H-Foundation mix) NRK Sound Division
  11. Audiomontage - Fly Baby (Tom Middleton's Cosmos mix) Nova Recors
  12. Halo Varga - Life Siesta
  13. Marino Berardi - Plan B Wally's Groove World
  14. Mood II Swing - Slippery Track (Josh Wink remix) Stickman Records
  15. Killer Loop - The Blue Hour End Recordings
  16. Unknown Artist - Unknown Unknown
  17. Sound of Soul - The Spiritual Groove (Hard Steppin' Dub) Nite Grooves
  18. Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos - The Path Bassclef Records

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!