DJ Dacha All Mine DJ MIXHey! I didn't even imagined that I'll ever mix one DJ mix with my own production, my own tracks and remixes that I mostly made for less than a... It's been a long ride, mostly listening to all other House music producers and their music. I tried to learn what is hip, process what is important, and give my own POV! Now, I don't want to invent some New House Music Genre, but this is Different House Music. Just Different, and not boring to me and some other folks! There are few remixes included that I made for few remix comps, I decided to put it all there with my own tracks. I hope some of it will get your attention and that you'll enjoy my House trip. And yes please, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD <> DJ Mix, if you want to support my work, go and buy some track that you like! Did I mentioned to listen to it loud in your Home? Don't take it and play it in the club or some straight party!

Length: 2 hr 07 min
Release date: 10 June 2016

  1. Skylar Spence - I Cant Be Your Superman (Dacha's House Remix) Comp
  2. Danylo - Burning In My Soul (The Siren Song) Deeper Link Music
  3. Danylo - Let's Start Again Deeper Link Music
  4. Sagat - Funk Dat (Dacha's House Mix) Comp
  5. Elekfantz - She Knows (Dacha's Vintage Remix) Comp
  6. Danylo - Chess (Club Version) Deeper Link Music
  7. Danylo - All Those Girls (Late Night Remix) Deeper Link Music
  8. Danylo - Brrrrraaa (Urban African Mix) Deeper Link Music
  9. Danylo - Bass (He Said) (Wobble Bass Remix) Deeper Link Music
  10. Danylo - Our Problem is Civil Obedience Deeper Link Music
  11. Danylo - Tabula Rasa (2016 Rework) Deeper Link Music
  12. Danylo feat Millennium - It's Gotta Be Deep Deeper Link Music
  13. Danylo - I Wanna Do This All Night (Tecongas Mix) Deeper Link Music
  14. Harvey Mckay - Wrong Turn (Dacha's Deep House Funky Lounge Remix) Comp
  15. Danylo feat Millennium - Keep Holding On Deeper Link Music
  16. Danylo - 1 2 3 4 (Hit It) (Aaahhh Mix) Deeper Link Music
  17. Danylo - Afrika Deeper Link Music
  18. Danylo - We Are The Future Deeper Link Music
  19. Danylo - Let's Go Now Deeper Link Music
  20. Danylo - Lost In The Sound Deeper Link Music
  21. Danylo - Tribal Jazz Deeper Link Music
  22. Danylo - Stop and Go Deeper Link Music

All music is produced and remixed by Danilo Radakovic, DJ Dacha NYC, Soulbreeder, Danylo