DJ Dacha - Deep Into New York www.djdacha.netHere we have my 2nd DJ mix for 2016, and I'm still going deep but this time I'm inspired by New York City. Yes, music on it is a bit harder, deeper, tech, more than usual, but it's gonna be "easy listening" for all of you deep house headz. As always, I'm presenting some fresh names that recently found deserved place in my music library, and also some old school house masters. Check it out right now and meet: Dominox Latte, Ta-ice, Tony Vee, Daniel Barross, Richard Earnshaw, Simon Adams, Luca Belloni, Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell, Chrono, Bruno Costenaro, Electroshaft, Micky More, Andy Tee, Right To Life Coqui Selection, Norty Cotto, United Funk Pilots, Ciro Sannino, D Juiz, Josh Milan

Length: 1 hr 17 min
Release date: 22 January 2016

  1. Dominox Latte - More Of You (Original Mix) Natural Essence Media Ltd
  2. Ta-ice Vibrations (Original Mix) Aluku Records
  3. Tony Vee - Trax La'Groove Tony Records
  4. Daniel Barross, Richard Earnshaw - Time To Fly (Earnshaw's Dancing With Asteroids Mix) Guess Records
  5. Simon Adams, Luca Belloni - Searching Good For You Records
  6. Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell - Without You (Original) Soul Deluxe
  7. Chrono, Bruno Costenaro - African Hotel (Bruno Costenaro Remix) High Pro-File Recordings
  8. Electroshaft - Enigma (Original Mix) ZELECTION
  9. Micky More, Andy Tee, Right To Life - I'm Another Man (Right To Life Remix) GrooveJet Records
  10. Coqui Selection - In My Mind (Original Mix) Ecologico Records
  11. Norty Cotto, United Funk Pilots - I Wanna Go Dance (Original Mix) Henry Street Music
  12. Ciro Sannino - Back Home (Original Mix) Mothcellar
  13. D Juiz - Voxip (Original Mix) ZELECTION
  14. Josh Milan - The Dogon People Mixtape Sessions

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