DJ Dacha - Deep Till The EndWell, this New 2016 I will start with deep house DJ mix, at least it's Deep Till The End. And, besides some real deep and tech house I mixed variety of other genres here; funky deep, disco deep, afro deep, you name it, we have it: Western Deep, Anthony Oseyemi, Deephope, Le Canarien, Albertone, Homero Espinosa, Kevin Yost, O.O.R.S., Dave Mayer, Random Soul, Kostafunk, Izzy La Vague, JoioDJ, Noraj Cue, House Of Funk, Oliver Night, Thomas Frake, AM2PM, Unique2Rhythm, Rito, Mark Di Meo, Sofia Rubina, Groove Delivers, Nef Padilla, MJ White, Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Jephté Guillaume

Length: 1 hr 30 min
Release date: 01 January 2016

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  1. Western Deep, Anthony Oseyemi, Deephope - Love Somebody (Deephope Remix) DeepStitched
  2. Le Canarien, Albertone - Organsm (Original Mix) Maniana Records
  3. Homero Espinosa, Kevin Yost - Polk Street Boogie (Kevin Yost Remix) i! Records
  4. O.O.R.S. - Luxury Times (Original Mix) Housewreck Media
  5. Dave Mayer, Random Soul - Joe Song (Original) Random Soul Recordings
  6. Kostafunk - You (Original Mix) One Music Records
  7. Izzy La Vague - Open Your Mind (Original Mix) Nylon Trax
  8. JoioDJ - You Make Me Feel Sexy (JoioDJ Old School Piano Mix) Dejavoo Records
  9. Noraj Cue - Stubborn To The Bone (Extended Dub) Manual Music
  10. House Of Funk, Oliver Night - You Got To (86deep Dub) Tony Records
  11. Thomas Frake, AM2PM, Unique2Rhythm - Gonna Be Mine (Unique2Rhythm Remix) Unique 2 Rhythm
  12. Rito - Deepolitan Tony Records
  13. Mark Di Meo, Sofia Rubina, Groove Delivers - Into The Night (Groove Delivers Dub) King Street
  14. Nef Padilla, MJ White - Soul And Love (Original Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
  15. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Jephté Guillaume - Too Much Information (Jephté Guillaume Tet Kale Remix) Rainy City Music

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