DJ Dacha - Love ReligionLast one for the end of 2015? I don't know... we have five days left before 2016 is here... Anyway, here is one more time real deep and soulful house pick for the fresh start in 2016, check out some new and some well known faces: Escort, JKriv, Bugzy Siegel, Michele Papa, MJ White, Guido P, Erick B's, Beat Rivals, Alex Millet, Emory Toler, Soulbridge, Two 4 Soul, Nontu Xulu, DJ Spen, David Anthony, Bennett Holland, DJ Nic-E, Daniel Barross, Tropicall, Artone, Marc Tasio, Djeff Afrozila, Richard Earnshaw, Mr. Moon, Mark Lewis, Mortimer Snerd III, Steve Miggedy Maestro


  1. Escort, JKriv - Barbarians (JKriv Remix) Escort Records
  2. Bugzy Siegel - Forgiveness (Original Mix) C-electronics LTD
  3. Michele Papa, MJ White - Heaven (Original Mix) Deep 8 Recordings
  4. Guido P, Erick B's - Lights & Shadows (Erick B's Love Sensation Mix) HSR Records
  5. Beat Rivals - Reach Out (Live Groove Instrumental) Rival BeatsRecords
  6. Alex Millet, Emory Toler, Soulbridge - I Can Fly (Soulbridge Deep Remix) LW Recordings
  7. Two 4 Soul, Nontu Xulu, DJ Spen, David Anthony, Bennett Holland - God Lives In Me (DJ Spen, David Anthony & Bennett Holland Organ Grinder Dub) Tony Records
  8. DJ Nic-E - All I Wanted (Original Mix) Caboose Records
  9. Daniel Barross, Tropicall - Move It (Tropicall Remix) LW Recordings
  10. Artone, Mr. Moon - Butterfly (Mr. Moon Remix) Mr. Moon Records
  11. Marc Tasio - Trumpet (Original Mix) LW Recordings
  12. Djeff Afrozila, Richard Earnshaw feat Ron Carroll - Love Vibration (Richard Earnshaw Remix) Tribe Records
  13. Mr. Moon - Love Religion (Original Mix) LW Recordings
  14. Mark Lewis - Take Down Movement Soul
  15. Mortimer Snerd III, Steve Miggedy Maestro - Gimme Dat Fonk (Miggstrumental ReTouch) MMP Records

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