DJ Dacha Keep On Believin  Deep house headz, this is my selection of Deep & Tech House for the best of year 2015, it's deep enough for me and also soulful. We have some great producers on this one: Soulfuledge, Terry Lex, Przemaz B, Lacey Stars, Roland Nights, Gino Love, JFunc, Erefaan Pearce, Pearl Diver, Demarkus Lewis, Bugzy Siegel, Jason Lee Ward, Alan De Laniere, DocOlv, Jacob Bech, Fabio Tosti, The Fakies, Bibi Provence, Jazzloungerz, Deeplomatik, DJ Mark Brickman, Circle Of Funk, Lifford, True 2 Life, Filth & Smell, Ryan Holliday, Demarkus Lewis, Under_score, DJ E-Clyps, Spiritchaser, Terry Grant, Soledrifter, The Sunchasers


  1. Soulfuledge - Simply Groovin Soulfuledge Recordings
  2. Terry Lex - Freedom Inside Of Me (Original Mix) Deeptown Music
  3. Przemaz B - Good Love (Original Mix) Pure Beats Records
  4. Demarkus Lewis, Lacey Stars, Roland Nights - Had U First (Roland Nights Remix) Adaptation Music
  5. Gino Love - Love Comes (Original Mix) Yoo'nek Records
  6. JFunc - In The Pocket (Original Mix) Housewreck Media
  7. Erefaan Pearce, Pearl Diver, Demarkus Lewis - Getting Hot (Demarkus Lewis Mix) Juicy Lucy
  8. Bugzy Siegel - Afternoon Coffee (Original Mix) C-electronics LTD
  9. Jason Lee Ward - I Believe Kaleido
  10. Alan De Laniere, DocOlv - I'm An Afro K (Docolv Mix) Mycrazything Records
  11. Jacob Bech - The Kibosh Large Music
  12. Fabio Tosti - Keep It Down Salted Music
  13. The Fakies, Bibi Provence, Jazzloungerz - Let You Go (Jazzloungerz Club Mix) City Soul Recordings
  14. Deeplomatik - I'm The One Salted Music
  15. DJ Mark Brickman - Dreamin' (Original Mix) RaMBunktious (Miami)
  16. Circle Of Funk, Lifford, True 2 Life - Feelin It (True 2 Life Dub Mix) Slapped Up Soul
  17. Filth & Smell, Roland Nights - Groovin' (Roland Nights Remix) Inner City Records
  18. Soledrifter, Ryan Holliday - Turn Away (Original Mix) Duffnote
  19. Demarkus Lewis - Move Like Shadows Guesthouse
  20. Under_score, DJ E-Clyps - Indigo (DJ E-Clyps Remix) Food Music
  21. Spiritchaser, Terry Grant - Dancing In My Head (Naked Mix) Guess Records
  22. Soledrifter - Keep On Believin' (Mr Moon Remix) Delecto
  23. The Sunchasers - Just Another Love Track (Original Mix) La Musique Fantastique

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