DJ DachaDaniel Ward, Mark Lee Howlett, Kim Dawson, Castillo And Face, Jennifer Perryman, Intensity of Sound, Craig C, Marc Cotterell, Chico Flash, Demarkus Lewis, SLAMTWISTED, Kenny Bobien, Arnaud D, Mr-Tune, Danny Losito, Glenn Fiasco, Lewis Ferrier, Loris Altafini, Stefano Volpato, Soulstance, Jazz 2 More


  1. Daniel Ward, Mark Lee Howlett - 37 Degrees (Original Mix)
  2. Craig C, Kim Dawson - Together (Spread Love) (Spread Dub)
  3. Castillo And Face, Jennifer Perryman, Intensity of Sound - Love-s Wine (Intensity Of Sound Remix Remaster)
  4. Craig C, Marc Cotterell - This Music (Marc Cotterell Refix)
  5. Chico Flash - Leaving Me (Original Mix)
  6. Demarkus Lewis, SLAMTWISTED - Let Myself Go (Slamtwisted Remix)
  7. Kenny Bobien, Arnaud D - Movin- On (Arnaud D Dub Mix)
  8. Mr-Tune, Danny Losito - Supernatural (Dub)
  9. Glenn Fiasco - Days Be This (Main Mix)
  10. Lewis Ferrier - Sunrise (Vocal Mix)
  11. Loris Altafini, Stefano Volpato - Mexico Mexico (Original Mix)
  12. Soulstance, Jazz 2 More - Come With Me

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