DJ Dacha - Jazzy Deep 2016Le Canarien, Albertone, Sandy Rivera, Bizio Cool, RedSoul, O.O.R.S., Sean McCabe, Erik Dillard, Izzy La Vague, Lucianno Villarreal, Chymamusique, Ta - Ice, Ta-ice, Gaulois, ThePorter, DJ MoReese, Dominox Latte, Glenn Gregory, Mojeaux, Stevaan, Vittorio Santorelli, Emory Toler, Organ, Thomas Brenner, Oby, Ricky Morrison, DJ Beloved, Aberton, Mauro Capitale, Fabrice, Soulfuledge, Mizz Wallace, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Moon Rocket, Bel-Ami, Coqui Selection, Spiced Boogie - Funky Flowers Born To Funk, Kostafunk, Ian Kay, Deeplachord, Tony Vee, Gianluca Calabrese, Byron The Aquarius


  1. Le Canarien, Albertone - Organsm (Original Mix)
  2. Sandy Rivera - Longtime Coming (Dub Mix)
  3. Bizio Cool - Time To Go Back (Original)
  4. RedSoul - All Night Long
  5. O.O.R.S. - Luxury Times (Original Mix)
  6. Sean McCabe, Erik Dillard - Everything’s Alright Feat. Erik Dillard (Sean McCabe All-Dub Mix)
  7. Izzy La Vague - Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
  8. Lucianno Villarreal - Smoke Rhodes (Original Mix)
  9. Chymamusique - Funk & Soul
  10. Ta - Ice, Ta-ice - Vibrations (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
  11. Gaulois, ThePorter - Necessary (Theporter Remix)
  12. DJ MoReese - Glory
  13. Dominox Latte - More Of You (Original Mix)
  14. Glenn Gregory - Love It
  15. Mojeaux - Downtown Honey (Original Mix)
  16. Stevaan - It's All About You (Original Mix)
  17. Vittorio Santorelli, Emory Toler, Organ - Let The Music In (Organ Dub)
  18. Thomas Brenner, Oby, Ricky Morrison - Live Again (Ricky Morrison Dub Mix)
  19. DJ Beloved - All We Do (Biz Groove Synth Mix)
  20. Aberton, Mauro Capitale, Fabrice - Good Inside (Mauro Capitale, Fabrice, Aberton Crew Re-Edit)
  21. Soulfuledge - Fight With Frustration (Main Mix)
  22. Mizz Wallace, Steve Miggedy Maestro - The Wrong Bitch (Steve Miggedy Maestro Instrumental Mix)
  23. Moon Rocket, Bel-Ami - Your Eyes (Moon Rocket Original Dub Mix)
  24. Coqui Selection - In My Mind (Original Mix)
  25. Spiced Boogie - Funky Flowers
  26. Born To Funk - The House Is Mine (Original Mix)
  27. Kostafunk - Love And Sex (2016 Tiki Taka Soul Mix)
  28. Ian Kay - Groove Sensuality (Original Mix)
  29. Deeplachord - Sunnyside View (Main Mix)
  30. Tony Vee - Trax La'Groove
  31. Gianluca Calabrese - Blues & Daffodils (Original Mix)
  32. Byron The Aquarius - Aquarian Voyage

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