DJ Dacha - Lost In New YorkHere is one nice soulful vocal deep house mix for upcoming winter. As always I'm presenting some new names and some 100% verified producers and singers: Doug Gomez, Washerman, Jersey Maestros, Anthony M Johnson, Anton Djaneiro, Joao Ribeiro, OtherSoul, Rhythm Inc, Johan S, Martello, Sheree Hicks, Audio Jacker, Danny Slim, DJ Burlak, Roland Clark, Richard Earnshaw DJ Christos, Monique Bingham, House Of Funk, Oliver Night, Soulfuledge, DJ Spen, Jocelyn Mathieu, Alex Finkin, Blaze, UDAUFL, Sean McCabe, DJ Mark Brickman, Liquideep, Reel People, Tony Momrelle, Reel People, Typheni, Reelsoul, Przemaz B, Shaheer Williams, Michael Watford

  1. Doug Gomez, Washerman - Your Everything (Washerman Remix) Frole Records
  2. Jersey Maestros, Anthony M Johnson - Move On (Geoffrey C Mix) Gotta Keep Faith
  3. Anton Djaneiro, Joao Ribeiro, OtherSoul - Breath Under Water (OtherSoul Deep Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
  4. Rhythm Inc, Johan S - If You Really Want It (Johan S Classic Vocal Mix) Subtractive Recordingss
  5. Martello, Sheree Hicks, Audio Jacker - Good Love (Audio Jacker Remix) Tasty Recordings Digital
  6. Danny Slim, DJ Burlak - Run Away This Time (Original Club Mix) Random Soul Recordings
  7. Roland Clark, Richard Earnshaw - I Get Deep (Richard Earnshaw Remix) Deeptown Music
  8. DJ Christos, Monique Bingham - Outta Sight (Magic Session Mix 2015) Katsaitis Music
  9. House Of Funk, Oliver Night - You Got To (Original Club Mix) Tony Records
  10. Soulfuledge, DJ Spen - Lost In New York (Vocal Mix) Soulfuledge Recordings
  11. Jocelyn Mathieu, Alex Finkin - With a Twirl (Alex Finkin Classic Mix) Instinctive Records
  12. Blaze, UDAUFL, Sean McCabe - We Are One (Sean McCabe Vocal Remix) King Street
  13. DJ Mark Brickman - Trying To Forget (Original Mix) RaMBunktious (Miami)
  14. Liquideep, Reel People - You We I (Reel People Remix) Reel People Music
  15. Tony Momrelle, Reel People - Pick Me Up (Reel People Vocal Mix) Reel People Music
  16. DJ Spen, Typheni, Reelsoul - Because I Love You (Reelsoul Remix) Quantize Recordings
  17. Przemaz B - Together (Vocal Mix) Pure Beats Records
  18. Shaheer Williams, Michael Watford - Faith (DJ Shaheer Williams Soul Groove Mix) Universe Media

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