DJ Dacha Only Time Will Tell Hey folks, I just finished with track listing for my latest DJ mix, it's ready for download. We have some great music on this one, some brand new names (as usual), and some great stars (as usual), so check it out right now: Deepergravity, Muskidd, HowardVolta Cab, Frank H Carter III, Groove Addix, Angel Rose, Dj Able, Hannah KhemohDJ Romain, Soulfuledge, Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Mr V, Miss Patty, Aphrodisiax, Mishal Moore, The Shazam Experience, Junior White, DJ Ermi, Noelle Barbera, The Sunburst Band, Angela Johnson, Corrado Rizza, Desy Moore, Costa Martinez & Jiamee, Donald Sheffey, Glenn Gregory, Lifford Shillingford, Andre Harris, Human Interaction, Charmaine, Alex Ander, Ondagroove, Marie Pinto, CJay Swayne, Pryce Oliver, House Bros, Underdeep Inc., True2Life, Phillip Ramirez, Longstrump, Virag Hackman

  1. Deepergravity, Muskidd, HowardVolta Cab, Frank H Carter III - Edge Of Time (Original Mix) Define Dub Music
  2. Groove Addix, Angel Rose - Dancing For My Life (Allovers Retouch) Gotta Keep Faith
  3. Dj Able, Hannah KhemohDJ Romain - Ain't Got Time (Kekkotronics Remix) Tony Records
  4. Soulfuledge - Dreaming Aint Enough (Vocal Mix) West Side
  5. Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Mr V, Miss Patty - Sign Of The Times (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) Adaptation Music
  6. Aphrodisiax, Mishal Moore - Do It Good (Spen & Thommy Re-Edit) Quantize Recordings
  7. The Shazam Experience - Venus To Mars (DJ Mark Brickman Re-Rub) RaMBunktious (Miami)
  8. Junior White, DJ Ermi, Noelle Barbera - There For You (DJ Ermi Vocal Mix) SOUNDMEN On WAX
  9. The Sunburst Band, Angela Johnson - Only Time Will Tell feat. Angela Johnson (Joey Negro City Connection Mix) Z Records
  10. Corrado Rizza, Desy Moore - I Can't Fight It (Eric Kupper Remix) Lemon Cut Records
  11. Costa Martinez & Jiamee - Plastic Love (Diego Auguanno Deep Vibrant Remix) Purple Music
  12. Donald Sheffey - My House (Spiritual Blessings Afro Funky Sicka Mix) Gotta Keep Faith
  13. Glenn Gregory, Lifford Shillingford - Don't Hurt Nobody (Original Mix) Deeptown Music
  14. Andre Harris - Bliss (vox) Innate Soul Digital
  15. Human Interaction, Charmaine - To the Music (CK1 Mix) Soulplate Records
  16. Alex Ander - I'm Leaving You (Eric Powa B Bassomatic Remix) King Street
  17. Ondagroove, Marie Pinto - The Look of Love (Vocal Dub Mix) TRAXED
  18. CJay Swayne, Pryce Oliver - Adore (Rod Boyd Dub) Mjuzieek Digital
  19. House Bros, Underdeep Inc. - Deep Inside (Tribute Mix) Stereocity
  20. True2Life, Phillip Ramirez - Take Me Higher (True2life & Blacksonix Dub) Liquid Deep
  21. Longstrump, Virag - Fight For The Right (Original Mix) miniMarket
  22. Hackman - Always (Reagan Grey Remix) Shifting Peaks

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!