DJ Dacha - Club Contrast 2015Long time ago I had privilege to work in only underground club in my city, Club Contrast, Novi Sad. Thinking about good old times that we had, gave me inspiration to mix one set that will try to bring that clubbing atmosphere into your homes, headphones and parties. Enjoy this house music mix with respective artists such as: Titeknots,Mousse T., Lovebirds, Lay-Far, Ashley Beedle, Johan S, Renato Falaschi, Brian Lucas, Booker T, Richard Earnshaw, Polina Griffith, Husky, DJ Spen, Fruity, Soulfuledge, Rhemi, Rhythm Inc, Gerideau, Samson Lewis, Simon Faz, Soulful, Dirty Disco Stars, Nuphonic, The Journey Men, JoioDJ, Souldynamic, Roland Clark, Delgado, Filth & Smell, Roland Nights, Paolo Barbato, Keith Thompson, Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, Justin Michael, Darwin Paul, Jackie Wilson, Soledrifter, Funklab, Cappery, Steven Mestre, Jaquita May, Michael BLT, Spiritchaser, Terry Grant, RedSoul, Carla Prather, Fabio Tosti

Length: 2 hr 13 min
Release date: 21 August 2015

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DJ DACHA presents
Club Contrast 2015
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.110


  1. Titeknots
    Tru Thoughts
  2. Mousse T, Lovebirds
    Closer to You
    Peppermint Jam
  3. Lay-Far, Ashley Beedle
    Yes You Can (Ashley Beedle Remix)
    In-Beat-Ween Music
  4. Johan S
    Just Dancin' (Original Mix)
    Subtractive Recordingss
  5. Renato Falaschi, Brian Lucas, Booker T
    The Bottle (Booker T Vocal Mix)
    MAP Dance
  6. Richard Earnshaw, Polina Griffith, Husky
    Can't Go Back (Husky's Bobbin' Head Instrumental)
  7. DJ Spen, Fruity, Soulfuledge, Rhemi
    Thru The Fire (Rhemi Mix)
    Quantize Recordings
  8. Rhythm Inc
    Don't Stop The Magic (Original Mix)
    Subtractive Recordings
  9. Gerideau, Samson Lewis
    Bring It Back To Love (Samson Lewis Vocal House Remix)
    Fattboy Records
  10. Simon Faz, Soulful
    Real House (Soulful Mix)
    Prismatikone Records
  11. Dirty Disco Stars feat Patricia Edwards
    Never Gonna Fall In Love (Original Mix)
  12. Nuphonic
    I'm No Good For You (Original Mix)
  13. The Journey Men
    Do Dat
  14. JoioDJ
    Ritmo Sensual (Original Mix)
    Dejavoo Records
  15. Souldynamic, Roland Clark
    Tribe Records
  16. Delgado
    Get Away From Me (D's Soulful Rub)
    Deep Down
  17. Filth & Smell, Roland Nights
    Groovin' (Roland Nights Remix)
    Inner City Records
  18. Paolo Barbato, Keith Thompson
    Keep on Lovin (Main Vocal Mix)
    Ocean Trax
  19. Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon
    Keep On
  20. Justin Michael, Darwin Paul, Jackie Wilson, Soledrifter
    Turn It Up (Soledrifter Revised Mix)
    Delecto Recordings
  21. Funklab, Cappery
    This Is My Life (Cappery Remix)
    Streetlab Records
  22. Steven Mestre, Jaquita May
    Get On It (Original Mix)
  23. Michael BLT
    Found A Reason (Original Mix)
    Pure Beats Records
  24. Spiritchaser, Terry Grant
    Dancing In My Head (Naked Mix)
    Guess Records
  25. RedSoul, Carla Prather
    Show You The Way (RedSoul Peaking Dub)
  26. Fabio Tosti
    Keep It Down
    Salted Music


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