DJ Dacha - Break House Lounge BarHey my favorite people in the world! Here I am again, offering you for free one more personal DJ mix that contains only my product(ion)s. It's a jazzy, trip-hop, funky, break beat, ambient DJ Mix for all of you. I mixed all original tracks, some of it never released before til' now. So, take a moment when you can, and listen to it loud... We'll talk about it. Later.

Length: 1 hr 06 min
Release date: 17 August 2016

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DJ DACHA presents
Break House Lounge Bar
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.126


  1. Soulbreeder
    E, Da
    Deeper Link Music
  2. Soulbreeder
    Funk It Up (Vocal Mix)
    Deeper Link Music
  3. Soulbreeder
    That Guitar Song (Acoustic Ambient)
    Deeper Link Music
  4. Soulbreeder
    Deeper Link Music
  5. Danylo
    Shut Up And Play That Guitar (Radio Edit)
    Deeper Link Music
  6. Danylo feat Millennium
    You Got Me Burnin' (Vanjus Remix)
    Deeper Link Music
  7. Soulbreeder
    Second Chance (Manganese Will Make You Kill Your Mama Mix)
    Deeper Link Music
  8. Danylo
    Stop and Go
    Deeper Link Music
  9. Danylo
    Let's Start Again
    Deeper Link Music
  10. Danylo
    SlowDown (Just Feel The Rhythm Of House)
    Deeper Link Music
  11. Soulbreeder
    Still Untitled (Get It On Mix)
    Deeper Link Music
  12. Soulbreeder
    You Don't Know Shit
    Deeper Link Music