DJ Dacha - Black Concept (Best of Solo House 2015)For the end of 2015 year I selected and mixed some of the best Solo Deep House music, I hope you gonna enjoy in music created by: Dominic Dawson, Tommy Bones, Lilac Jeans, Sean McCabe, Ultra Soul Project, Chymamusique, Roland Clark, Richard Earnshaw, Felix Combo & Fabrizio Fattore, Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce, Ali & Calero, The Scientists Of Sound, Mario Gatto, Marlon D, Boddhi Satva, Marc Cotterell, Fever Brothers, Soulfuledge, DJ Spen, Neil Hodgson, E-Man, Pat Bedeau, Luis Radio, Belizian Voodoo Priest, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Tarek, Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin

Length: 1 hr 49 min
Release date: 25 December 2015

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DJ DACHA presents
Black Concept (Best of Solo House 2015)
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.114


  1. Dominic Dawson
    The Function
    Disco Sonitus
  2. Tommy Bones
    Black Concept
    Strictly Rhythm Records
  3. Lilac Jeans, Sean McCabe
    Grandfather's Blessings
    Lilac Jeans Music
  4. Ultra Soul Project
    Déjà Vu (Main Mix)
    Gruv Shack Digital
  5. Chymamusique
    Season of Change (Original Mix)
    Wabantu Music
  6. Roland Clark, Richard Earnshaw
    I Get Deep (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
    Deeptown Music
  7. Felix Combo & Fabrizio Fattore
    Undergroove (Wild Remix)
    Kazukuta Records
  8. Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce, Ali & Calero
    Painless Ways (Ali & Calero Dub)
  9. The Scientists Of Sound, Mario Gatto
    Hammond Cat (Bassline Mix)
    Tony Records
  10. Pat Bedeau
    Mojito (Original Mix)
  11. Pat Bedeau
    Saxajuju (Rhemi Remix)
    Rhemi Music
  12. Marlon D, Boddhi Satva
    Power Of The Drum (Playin'4 The City Jazz Deep Mix)
    Underground Collective
  13. Marc Cotterell
    Vibe the Musik (Original Mix)
    King Street
  14. Fever Brothers
    The Pianist (Soul Creative Mix)
    MusicaDiaz Senorita
  15. Soulfuledge, DJ Spen
    Lost In New York (Vocal Mix)
    Soulfuledge Recordings
  16. Neil Hodgson, E-Man, Pat Bedeau
    Reminds Me Of You (Pat Bedeau Remix)
    Reel People Music
  17. Luis Radio
    Bump Up
    Makin Moves
  18. Belizian Voodoo Priest, Steve Miggedy Maestro
    YahWeh (Steve Miggedy Maestro Retouch)
    Gotta Keep Faith
  19. Tarek
    Desabafo (Guy Robin Dub)
    A Casa Records
  20. Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin
    Body Move (Main Mix)
    Room Control



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