DJ Dacha 98 Breaking These Chains Here we go one more time, deep and soulful house music for the summer. I grabbed some great house music and I'm ready to promote it in this mix. We have some new names you probably never heard before and some old hc producers, check it out: Soopaman Inc, Low District, Aly Be, Damyan, Twisted Mind, Leo Haddad, Pete Le Freq, Rhemi, Tess Leah, Black Sonix, Selina Campbell, Mr. Thruout, Michael Sauer, Kinky Movement, Mike Dominico, Kennedy, Dave C, DJ Romain, Funkda, Miss Unknown, Saliva Commandos, Michelle Rivera, Federico d'Alessio, Soul 'N' Vibes, Vangela Crowe, Wyen Solo, Mustafa, Lisa Millet, David Storm Ruffin, Footsounds, Anthony Poteat, Mellow Mitch, Phaze Dee, Lay-Far & Jonny Millerl

Length: 1 hr 58 min
Release date: 22 July 2014

DJ Dacha - Breaking These Chains

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DJ DACHA presents
Breaking These Chains
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.98


  1. Soopaman Inc
    One Thing (Main Mix)
    Ism Recordings
  2. Low District, Aly Be, Damyan
    Last Night (Walterino Vs House Device Remode)
    Cult Note
  3. Twisted Mind, Leo Haddad
    No Name
    Epoque Music
  4. Pete Le Freq
    Try And Hide (Kenny Summit Remix)
    Good For You Records
  5. Rhemi, Tess Leah
    Stepping Out (Rhemi Dub Mix)
    Rhemi Music
  6. Black Sonix, Selina Campbell
    Thank You (Groove Assassin Remix)
    Foliage Records
  7. Mr. Thruout
    Seen (Original Mix)
    Sound Exhibitions Records
  8. Michael Sauer
    Hey Woman (Original Mix)
    Elements Of Life
  9. Kinky Movement
    Over My Soul (Original)
    Nu Jax Music
  10. Mike Dominico, Kennedy
    Doin' You (Deep'n Sexy Vocal)
    Muted Trax
  11. Dave C - DJ Romain
    Gimme Something (Smash Hunter Sexual Healing Vox)
    Room Control
  12. Funkda, Miss Unknown
    Feel the Love
    Go Dutch Recordings
  13. Saliva Commandos, Michelle Rivera
    Breaking These Chains (Mr. V Remix)
    SOLE Channel Music
  14. Federico d'Alessio, Soul 'N' Vibes, Vangela Crowe
    Break My Heart (Rightside & Soul 'N' Vibes Remix)
    LW Recordings
  15. Wyen Solo
    Smile (Groove Assassin Slam Dub Remix)
    Groove Odyssey
  16. Mustafa, Lisa Millet
    Wake Up Everybody (Supranova Remix)
    Staff Production
  17. David Storm Ruffin
    In Motion
    Smooth Agent Records Tracks
  18. Footsounds, Anthony Poteat
    Encourage (Main Mix)
  19. Mellow Mitch
    My World (Francesco Del Mar Rmx)
    Elements Of Life
  20. Phaze Dee
    It's All You
    Moulton Music
  21. Lay-Far & Jonny Miller
    Going Home
    Atjazz Record Company

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