DJ Dacha - Make You Want It - DL 95Hey! Once again I'm dropping 2 hrs of my latest deep and soulful house music selection as "Make You Want It" DJ Mix. It's ready for download! Since I'm always selecting and buying music just listening to it without knowing artist names, you can expect some fresh and new names, and few well known producers... or wait... is it the opposite? You win, anyway. Check it out right now: Harley & Muscle, Kenny Bobien, Wawa, M.A.R.K, Javine, Kenny Thomas, BKT, Mark Mansion, Linus K, JoioDJ, Emma Diva, Chris Quadrant, Djeff, Kholi, Chinah Maryoung, Nick Jones Experience, Colonel Abrams, Booker T, Mike City, Tracy Hamlin, OskiDJ, Tommie Cotton, Chasing Kurt, Creative Force, Le Babar, J-Dub, Groove Assassin, Julian Sanza, Thomas Sari, Nadeem M'pela, Edmund, Sacha D'Flame, Dr Feelx, Ciro Morelli, Zorz Post & Emme, Rescue Poetix

Length: 2 hr 00 min
Release date: 12 April 2014

DJ Dacha - Make You Want It

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DJ DACHA presents
Make You Want It
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.95


  1. Kenny Bobien
    With All My Might (Sean & Albert's Organ Jam Dub)
    Room Control
  2. Harley & Muscle, Kenny Bobien
    I Love You (Mr. V Sole Channel Remix)
    Soulstar Records
  3. Wawa, M.A.R.K, Javine
    Never (Deeplomatik Vocal Remix)
    SpekuLLa Records
  4. Kenny Thomas, BKT
    You Are In My System (Soulfunktion Deep Summer Vocal Mix)
    Soul Fi
  5. Mark Mansion, Linus K
    Crazy Love (Andy Lee Hot Mix)
    NuPanda Records
  6. JoioDJ, Emma Diva
    Voodoo (Soulplate Rerub)
    Dejavoo Records
  7. Chris Quadrant
    It's Been A While (Original Mix)
    Supersexy Records
  8. Djeff, Kholi
    Different (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
    Tribe Records
  9. Chinah Maryoung
    Shelter Me (D&D Mix)
    Open Bar Music
  10. Nick Jones Experience, Colonel Abrams
    As I Take You Back (Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto Underground Remix)
    King Street
  11. Booker T, Mike City
    Just 2 C U Smile (Luis Radio & Souldynamic Vocal Mix)
    Liquid Deep
  12. Tracy Hamlin
    Home (Scott Wozniak Remix)
    Quantize Recordings
  13. OskiDJ, Tommie Cotton
    Make You Want It (Unique2Rhythm Remix)
    Unique 2 Rhythm
  14. Chasing Kurt
    From The Inside (Lovebirds Piano Forte Mix)
  15. Creative Force
    It's So Good (Paul Key And Emilove Vocal Mix)
    Unkwn Rec
  16. Le Babar, J-Dub
    House Feelings (Original Mix)
    King Street
  17. Groove Assassin
    All of U (Original)
    Kokan Music
  18. Julian Sanza, Thomas Sari, Nadeem M'pela
    Believe (Original Mix)
    Heartbeat Revolution
  19. Edmund, Sacha D'Flame
    Move Your Body (Matthias Vogt Remix)
    Adaptation Music
  20. Dr Feelx, Ciro Morelli
    On My Mind (Earl Tutu & John Khan Mix)
    HSR Records
  21. Zorz Post & Emme, Rescue Poetix
    Eyes Fixed (Original Mix)
    Open Bar Music


About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!