Who is DJ Dacha (Danilo Radakovic)?

I would describe myself as a House Music DJ who's passion is to mix Deep & Soulful house music, and I also produce some music from time to time.

Some music I can listen to many times, and I can listen to it many years later. That's the music I'm constantly chasing and mixing in my mixes and promoting on my websites.

I don't care for fashionable names, labels, brands, promoters, all that shit. All I care is to promote artists that I love, and their music. When someone listening to my mixes find for those artists and buys their music, I'm happy, we're keeping this thing alive in the sea of commercial crap.

As you can see I mixed a lot of DJ mixes for the last 20 years, I simply love to mix house music. You can find most of it on this website, earlier works are gone for good.

So, this is the website where you can find and download some great house music DJ mixes and some tracks that I produced. Everything here is free, but...

... I made and maintain this web site to promote deep, soulful, jazzy, funky, latin, afro, tech house music and all other sub-genres that I love, but nothing of this could be possible without hard work of respectful artists, the ones who make our lives better and our souls happier every day.

Please !!! Pay for your music! You're paying food, gas, drinks, please buy your music.

Support the artist and buy that good track that you like.

I know that some countries are poor, but many others are not!

Ok, now You're ready to read my FULL Long biography - DIG IT!
Thanks for support !!!!