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One night in 2001 I was listening to my friend's (DJ Z) radio show and I learned about the existence of RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY. Listening to their experience on RBMA, I suddenly got some new energy and a burning desire to be recognized more by world music circles and to learn more about music production. It was a chance for me that I simply didn't want to miss, even if it was a just a lottery. Remember, you have to play to win! So, I filled in the application form and sent it along with my promo CD MIX to USA. On my birthday, the 4th of July, I received an e-mail saying: "congratulations! pack your records; you're going to NYC!" I was chosen amongst 1600 applicants worldwide to be on RBMA. It was time to celebrate!

Each year, RBMA holds two weeks long seminars on different locations having for its instructors the very famous and successful DJs and music producers. It all started in 1998 in Berlin, and in 2001 it was set to take place in NYC; the city that has been defining the music of my deepest affection. During the course, all 60 students have a chance to learn, practice, make music, mix CDs and listen to currently most talented people of the industry. Anyone who is into making modern music will find this experience to be a precious one.

Every student gets to know the way of work of musicians coming from different parts of the world, different cultures and music scenes. The far best about the Academy is spontaneous and relaxed communication among students and instructors. Highly recommended!!! More info about the Academy itself at:

What can I say, it was impossible for me to even dream about visiting New York City year ago, and now here I am, standing on Time Square like I was always supposed to be there, like this city needs me. I spent couple of most exciting days in my life in NYC. Red Bull Music Academy was great, we learned some important production lessons, met some great people and producers from top of the music industry and we visited some great parties. Everything was great until 9/11 attack happened. Academy was canceled after one great week, the rest of the time we spent figuring out how to get home. At that time I was sad, but somehow I did know that this was not my last visit to this beautiful city, and I was right.

After my return from NYC I was introduced to one new idea that could help establishing DJ as a legal profession in our city. At the time you could be only registered as a singer or performer, but not as DJ. I also liked the idea to standardize salaries, just like unions. More and more of new DJs were showing up on the city DJ scene, and some Rookie DJs would work for very low rates and club owners would take it for granted. We would have hard times getting normal money for our gigs. I was totally ON with this idea, and some of my friends and other recognized DJs from the city asked me to join this new DJ organization that will officially protect the interests of local DJs and music producers. They wanted me there to be a President, and I didn’t mind to take that position since I liked the goals and the crew. Great number of local DJs wanted to be in this together, wanted to be in only one association that we called DJ UNITY.

It's all legal now
DJ UNITY was the first official and legally registered association of DJs and music producers on these grounds as NGO. Its main objectives defined by its statute and law are promotion and affirmation of young, talented and unknown DJs and producers not only in the city, but the country and abroad. I worked passionately on the DJ UNITY website and site was growing fast, I spread information on more than 30 local and domestic DJs. I build web page for each member and i gave them nice presentation on internet with images, DJ sets, and other info. Those are the times when social networks simply didn't exist and to have such a website in FULL FLASH was really expensive, it took me a lot of time just to maintain it.

Our first party
To announce its existence, during summer DJ UNITY organizes an event called INTRO GATHERING. It lasted for two days managing to gather over 50 DJs who played on three different stages at old and magnificent Petrovaradin fortress. That night, on 4th of August, 1500 people danced the night away under the stars of one fantastic summer night officially labeled as DOUBLE ENTRY. Luckily for us one of the visitors was world class citizen from London, Mr. David Browne, who visited Novi Sad already few times. He already helped me personally to get to RBMA in New York, I couldn't make it without him and I will remain grateful to the rest of my life to him. This time he was helping DJ UNITY to stand on the ground. I remember him telling me on that party that some power cord (that was laying on the ground unsecured) could cause incident that could cost us a lot of money. If someone gets hurt, they could sue us. He was always one step in advance, wise man.