DJ Dacha - Deeper Soulful House - DL78This hot DJ mix is very sexy but in a different way, it's still very soulful but also has that deeper vibe. Besides deep & soulful house, some other genres are making it better, a bit of electro and funk in the house. Simply, It's pure SEX. And we gonna thank for that to those artists and producers: Alton Miller, Dennis Wonder, O.G, DJ Tessen, Aloma, Vincenzo Siracusa, Leon Dorrill, Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B!, Vittorio Santorelli, Blackliquid, DJ Tempo, Ft David Tone, Deep Character, Mad Boss, Big Daddy, Zothea & The House Fyns, Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer, Ross Couch, Rafael Yapudjian, Tasita D'mour, DJ Ant B, Mac Da Knife, Harry "The It" Dennis

Length: 1 hr 37 min
Release date: 18 June 2013

DJ Dacha - Deeper Soulful House

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DJ DACHA presents
Deeper Soulful House
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.78


  1. Alton Miller
    Can't Hide It (Matthias Vogt Remix)
    Peppermint Jam
  2. Dennis Wonder
    I'll Keep You Safe (The Soul Creative Remix)
    Soul Deep Inc. Records
  3. O.G, DJ Tessen
    Joy Fantasy (Original Classic Mix)
    TSN Records
  4. Aloma
    Going Home (Lukas Wolf Remix)
    Uno Mas Digital Recordings
  5. Vincenzo Siracusa, Leon Dorrill
    Do That (Original Mix)
    Room Control
  6. Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B!
    Soul Heaven 2013 (Monday Music Club Remix)
    Conkrete Digital Records
  7. Vittorio Santorelli
    One More Night (Luyo & DJ Ermi Remix)
    Double Cheese Records
  8. Blackliquid
    Learn To Fly (Original Mix)
    House Sound Of LA
  9. DJ Tempo, Ft David Tone
    Where We Are
    Shockwave Entertainment
  10. Deep Character, Mad Boss, Big Daddy
    NY Dream (Soul Mix)
    Nite Grooves
  11. Zothea & The House Fyns
    Special Love (Dj Harris Vocal Mix)
    Peng Africa
  12. Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer
    Return To Me (Dave Mayer Mix)
    Solid Ground Recordings
  13. Ross Couch
    Body Rhythm
  14. Rafael Yapudjian, Tasita D'mour
    Justify My Love (Jazzloungerz Remix)
    A Casa Records
  15. DJ Ant B
    Flying High (Geoffrey C Mix)
    In The Zone
  16. Mac Da Knife, Harry "The It" Dennis
    Loving Every Minute (Original Mix)
    Legends Digital Music


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