DJ Dacha - Love Has No Colour - DL84My latest fishing FOR music on Traxsource ended up with some great new music in my collection. As always I tried to keep it deep and soulful, but that is not the rule here, you'll hear some techy trax too. Rhemi is dominating on this mix for a reason, he's probably gonna be Soulful House Producer Of The Year for 2013 (at least for me), but besides him you'll find some well known faces and some great new producers and singers such as:: Leon Ware, Raha, Pat Bedeau, Nicole Mitchell, Vangela Crowe, Kimara Lovelace, Martin East, Jared Douglas, Distant People, Stephanie Cooke, Patrick Khuzwayo, Mr Boogie, Darian Crouse, Taliwa, Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman, Wez Baldwin, Eventual Groove, JazzLoungerz, Rainy Payne, Falomir!, Washerman, Lifford Shillingford, Foremost Poets, H.O.J., Josh Milan, Jeff Webb, Rhythmic Groove, Dr. Feelx, Devid Morrison, Ziggy Funk, Mike Sharon, Kay Bonez, Rocio Starry, Dihann Moore

Length: 2 hr 32 min
Release date: 10 October 2013

DJ Dacha - Love Has No Colour - Exclusive

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DJ DACHA presents
Love Has No Colour
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.84


  1. Leon Ware
    Work Me (Reel People Remix)
    Expansion House
  2. Raha
    My Devil Level (Cosmic Delight dub)
    iTech Sound System
  3. Rhemi
    Just A Feeling
    Rhemi Music
  4. Pat Bedeau
    The Door of No Return (Original Mix)
    Quantize Recordings
  5. Rhemi, Nicole Mitchell
    Let Me Be (Club Mix)
    Rhemi Music
  6. Vangela Crowe
    Greener (The Soul Creative Vocal Mix)
    New Generation Records
  7. Kimara Lovelace
    These Times (Jon Silva Remix)
    King Street
  8. Martin East, Jared Douglas
    Lead Me On (Huskys Bobbin Head Vocal)
  9. Distant People, Stephanie Cooke
    Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix)
    Solid Ground Recordings
  10. Patrick Khuzwayo, Mr Boogie, Darian Crouse
    Love Has No Colour (Main Vocal Mix)
    Perception Music
  11. Taliwa
    Music For My Sun (Sean McCabe Remix)
    Foliage Records
  12. Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman
    Beautiful View (Spiritual Blessings Deepa Mix)
    King Street
  13. Wez Baldwin
    ILUVNY pt.1 (Original Mix)
    Underground Source Records
  14. Eventual Groove
    Make Me Move (Original Mix)
    Grouper Recordings
  15. JazzLoungerz, Rainy Payne
    Obsession (Jazzloungerz 2013 Mix)
    Seamless Deep
  16. Falomir!
    Goodtime (Booker T Rubba Dub)
    Bump Trax
  17. Washerman
    Morning Dew
    Drumpoet Community
  18. Rhemi, Lifford Shillingford
    Fathers (Instrumental)
    Room Control
  19. Foremost Poets
    Moonraker (Latest Craze Message Mix)
  20. H.O.J.
    House of Jazz (Deep Josh Applefunk Remix)
  21. Josh Milan
    Fort Greene's Theme (Main)
    Vega Records
  22. Jeff Webb, Rhythmic Groove
    Bilet Doux (Original Mix)
    Soul Mjuzieek Digital
  23. Dr. Feelx, Devid Morrison
    I'm a DJ (Classic Dub)
  24. Ziggy Funk
    Red 32
  25. Mike Sharon
    What Cha Gona Do (Original Mix)
    Release London Records
  26. Kay Bonez, Rocio Starry
    Loving So Hard (Heureux Deep Vocal Mix)
    Multi Soul Records
  27. Dihann Moore
    Soul In My Soul (Original Demo Mix)
    Mjuzieek Digital


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