DJ Dacha - Deep'n Jazzy House (Best of 2013) - DL 86 Hola. Here we have my selection of best Deep'n Jazzy House music that I collected in this year. This is 2nd mix from this DeepLink's special edition "Best of 2013", I hope you gonna enjoy listening to it. I mixed some nice heavy soulful stuff that I want to hear once again, and again, and again... Check it out, if you like it deeper, this one will do the job. Here are the artists: DJ Garphie, Just Kiddin, Alliance DC feat. Rachael Calladine, H.O.J., Mike Sharon, Pedro Costa, Anthony Poteat, MDR, Clark & Pudell, Mind Street, Kandie Jones, Phaze Dee, Victor Medina, Dawn Tallman, Stereo Mutants feat. Marcus Pearson, Dave Mayer, Blistic Soul, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Marlon D, Kathy Brown, Louis Benedetti, Raffa Scoccia, Jaytee, Josh Milan

Length: 2 hr 11 min
Release date: 28 November 2013

DJ Dacha - Deep'n Jazzy House - Best Of 2

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DJ DACHA presents
Deep'n Jazzy House (Best of 2013)
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.86


  1. DJ Garphie
    Synth The Size (G's Soulful Mix)
    Whasdat Music
  2. Phaze Dee
    Bring The Groove
    Charmed Life Music
  3. Just Kiddin
    Time, Space & Honey
    HK Records
  4. Alliance DC feat. Rachael Calladine
    Take Me Now (Cafrodeep instrumental)
    Think! House Music
  5. H.O.J.
    House of Jazz (Deep Josh Applefunk Remix)
  6. Mike Sharon
    What Cha Gona Do (Original Mix)
    Release London Records
  7. Pedro Costa, Anthony Poteat
    Precious Love (Original Mix)
    Sempai Music
  8. MDR
    In My Heart
    Soul Industries
  9. Clark & Pudell
    Zashu (Soulplate Remix)
    Pole Position Recordings
  10. Mind Street, Kandie Jones
    More & More (Groove Assassin Deep Down Dub)
    Quantize Recordings
  11. Phaze Dee
    Solid Ground Recordings
  12. Victor Medina
    Don't Stop (Javi Lopez Remix)
    Epoque Music
  13. Dawn Tallman
    Believe in Love (Spen's LektroSoul Mix)
    Quantize Recordings
  14. Stereo Mutants feat. Marcus Pearson
    I Got a Feelin (Berny's Made in Italy Deepah Dub)
    Drum Records
  15. Dave Mayer
    Don't Ya Know (Phaze Dee Mix)
    Solid Ground Recordings
  16. Blistic Soul
    Art Of Music
    Afro Rebel Music
  17. Steve Miggedy Maestro
    Work In Progress (Original Mix)
    MMP Record
  18. Marlon D, Kathy Brown
    Believe In Yourself (Marlon D's Just Vibing)
    Underground Collective
  19. Louis Benedetti, Raffa Scoccia
    Hammonized (Main Mix)
  20. Jaytee
    Tribal Spirits
    Anarchy Music
  21. Josh Milan
    Fort Greene's Theme (Main)
    Vega Records

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