DJ Dacha - Soulful House (Best of 2013) - DL 88 Hey! I'm back with my collection of best Soulful House Music for 2013. This is 4th mix from my "Best of 2013" DeepLink's collection, I hope you gonna like it and have a good time with it. This is for SOulful House music lovers, just soulful classics that will stay in my collection for a long time. And here are the artists: Ross Couch, Logistix, Deon Nathan, Alex Millet, Troy Denari, Rhemi, Black Sonix, Sean McCabe, Nativeroots & Zano, Distant People, Stephanie Cooke, Reelsoul, Martin East, Jared Douglas, DJ SGZ, Maddocks, Ras Vadah, Soulplate, Alex Garcia, Diana Waite, Samson Lewis , Sterling Ensemble & Troy Murray, Fabrizio Marra, Tracy Brathwaite, Deep Josh, Andy Ward, Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer, Dave Mayer, Ziggy Funk, Tess Leah, Tortured Soul, Max Duke, Wipe the Needle, Lifford, Taliwa, The Jersey Maestros Kim Beacham, Jose Sousa, Jessica Custer

Length: 1 hr 50 min
Release date: 12 December 2013

DJ Dacha - Soulful House - Best Of 2013

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DJ DACHA presents
Soulful House (Best of 2013)
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.88


  1. Ross Couch
    Body Rhythm
  2. Logistix pres. Deon Nathan
    I Feel (Samson Lewis Remix)
    King Street
  3. Alex Millet & Troy Denari
    What You Are (Rhemi Vocal Mix)
    Room Control
  4. Black Sonix
    Keep On (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix)
    Musoul Recordings
  5. Nativeroots & Zano
    Taking Over The World (Sean McCabe Remix)
    GOGO Music
  6. Distant People, Stephanie Cooke
    Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix)
    Solid Ground Recordings
  7. Martin East, Jared Douglas
    Lead Me On (Huskys Bobbin Head Vocal)
  8. DJ SGZ, Maddocks, Ras Vadah
    Keep On Movin (Soulplate Club Vox)
    Nightshade Music Group
  9. Alex Garcia, Diana Waite
    Keep It Together (Samson Lewis Vocal Mix)
    Gotta Keep Faith
  10. Sterling Ensemble & Troy Murray
    You Got Me Singin' (Main Mix)
    Sterling Blue Music
  11. Fabrizio Marra, Tracy Brathwaite
    You're Getting Me Started (Deep Josh & Andy Ward Remix)
  12. Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer
    Return To Me (Dave Mayer Mix)
    Solid Ground Recordings
  13. Ziggy Funk, Tess Leah
    Thankful (Main Mix)
    Tony Records
  14. Tortured Soul
    Dirty (Makoto 4x4 Remix)
    TSTC Records
  15. Max Duke
    Chains (Original Mix)
    Gourmand Music Recordings
  16. Wipe the Needle, Lifford
    Wondering Why (Wipe The Needle Original Mix)
    Groove Odyssey
  17. Taliwa
    Music For My Sun (Sean McCabe Remix)
    Foliage Records
  18. The Jersey Maestros Kim Beacham
    Through It All (Spiritual Blessings Vocal Remix)
    Sway Records inc
  19. Jose Sousa, Jessica Custer
    How You Living (The Soul Creative mix)
    Perception Music

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