DJ Dacha - Soulful Tech House - DL63This is my 4th and last mix for 2011. I selected some of the best artists and tracks in 2011: Lovebirds feat Stee Downes, Groovalicious, Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia feat Su Su Bobien, Levan, Assurance & Fanatix, Joey Negro pres. Sessomatto, Frankie Knuckles & The Shapeshifters, Dan-E-Mc Feat Ash & Lady B, Richard Earnshaw feat Imogen Ryall, Blueday Stereo, B.Original & Damir Pushkar feat J.A.M.O.N, Ralph Session Ft Rainy Payne, DJ Oji...

Length: 1 hr 17 min
Release date: 25 Dec 2011
Remastered: 2015

DJ Dacha - Soulful Tech House

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DJ DACHA presents
Soulful Tech House
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.63


  1. Lovebirds feat Stee Downes
    Want You In My Soul (Original Mix)
  2. Groovalicious
    So Right Tonight (Moodswinger Remix)
    3345 MUSIC
  3. Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia feat Su Su Bobien
    Believe (DJ Spen Cant Get Enough Dub)
    Code Red
  4. Levan
    Right On (Central Avenue Vocal Mix)
  5. Assurance & Fanatix
    I Trust You (Psalms 143) (Original Mix)
    Spiritually Sound
  6. Joey Negro pres. Sessomatto
    Moody (King Unique Mix)
    Z Records
  7. Frankie Knuckles & The Shapeshifters
    The Ones You Love (DJ Meme Remix)
    Nocturnal Groove
  8. Dan-E-Mc Feat Ash & Lady B
    Freak Your Body (Bobby & Steve Groove Odyssey Vocal Remix)
    Sound Division
  9. Richard Earnshaw feat Imogen Ryall
    Cry Me A River (Richard Earnshaw Classic Dub)
    Groovefinder Records
  10. Blueday Stereo
    Forever (Alex Finkin Remix)
  11. B.Original & Damir Pushkar feat J.A.M.O.N
    Call Me (Reelsoul Interpretation)
    Muzik 4 Tomorrow
  12. Ralph Session Ft Rainy Payne
    The Search (Main Mix)
    Seshified Recordings
  13. DJ Oji
    Everything U Want (feat Carolyn Victorian) (Unreleased Sax Mix)
    Nite Grooves



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