DJ Dacha - Truth - DL54Pure love, deep emotion, soulful, sexy and jazzy... but a little bit funky and techy at the end. Nothing more to say here, just press play on the player and hear it. Kings Of Groove feat Jessi Colasante, Demarkus Lewis feat Demetrius Price, DJ Le Roi, Phonic Funk and Max C, Jonny Quango, Stereo Mutants feat Jannae Jordan, Moses McClean feat Rob Burns, Johnny Fiasco, Unlcesound, Danny Gutierrez, David Crops feat Marina Claire, Ralf Gum feat Wunmi, Kinky Movement...

Length: 1 hr 16 min
Release date: 17 Apr 2009
Remastered: 2015

DJ Dacha - Truth

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DJ DACHA presents
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.54


  1. Kings Of Groove feat Jessi Colasante
    Now That You Gone (Main Vocal)
    Kings Of Groove
  2. Demarkus Lewis feat Demetrius Price
    Truth (Deez UGT Mix)
  3. DJ Le Roi feat Chappell
    Get Ready (Original Mix)
  4. Phonic Punk & Max C
    Don't Stop
  5. Jonny Quango
    Reach On Up (Original Mix)
    Tasty Recordings
  6. Stereo Mutants feat Jannae Jordan
    I Wanna Go (DJ Circle Remix)
    Mutated Music
  7. Moses McClean feat Rob Burns
    Love Thang (Main Vocal)
  8. Johnny Fiasco
    I Surrender (Main Mix)
    Klassik Fiasco
  9. Demarkus Lewis
    RetroFusion (Anthony Molina Mix)
  10. UncleSound
    Don't Worry
    Etoka Records
  11. Danny Gutierrez
    Junk Shop Recordings
  12. David Crops feat Marina Claire
    Twin Street (Spiritual Blessings Deep Dope Remix)
    Nu Deep Music
  13. Ralf Gum feat Wunmi
    Brother Like No Other (Benny Pecoraio Rmx)
    Gogo Music
  14. Kinky Movement
    Seven Jazz
    Amenti Music



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