House DJ Mixes Archive - 1999

As you can see I recorded only one promo DJ mix in 1999. This mix was actually my first DJ mix that I professionally prepared and recorded with Technics turntables, DJ mixer and computer with audio card. Internet was getting bigger and I wanted to build my website and get my DJ set online, and with this mix I had perfect opportunity to do it all properly. I also burned it on many CDs that I was passing around to good house music people! My DJ style in 1999 was still "stuck" in high energy club music genres: Progressive House, Speed Garage, Funky, Disco, Filtered, Tech House with bunch of Tribal and Afro Latin rhythms. I wish I had more money to buy more vinyls at that time, I would have more DJ mixes from 1999...

DJ Dacha - Need 4 Speed - DL001

DJ Dacha - Need 4 Speed PromoMixThis is my first recorded DJ promo mix uploaded online in 1999. As a resident DJ in underground club Contrast I taped many other live mixes before this one, but the quality of the recording wasn't great, or I lost those tapes... Anyway, as you will hear, this mix is House, Speed Garage, Tech House, Jackin DJ mix. I was short time in those "music waters" in 1999, played it for younger house music clubbers, it was a fun for some time... You'll also hear some good Funky House, French Disco & Uplifting House in this 74 min long set. Here are the artists: Rinôçérôse, Eric Powell, Noise Destruction, Eddie Amador, CZR & Daryl Pandy, Kluster, Kingsly O, Robbie Rivera, Power House & Duane Harden, Arman Van Helden, Michael Jackson, Olav Basoski, Silvio Ecomo, Problem Boy, Mac Zimms, Phunke Soul...

Length: 1 hr 13 min
Release date: 29 Dec 1999
Remastered: 2015

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