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Danylo House for Home ListeningI know that few of you passionate house music lovers who are following my work noticed that I started again with some new music production in 2016. It took me many years to put my ass in that computer chair and work on some new music, but I finally did it. Now, I could count many reasons why I started with electronic music production again, there are many. All I know that this “music production passion” bothered me for many years before I took it seriously again. Well, maybe I always had an “valid” excuse not to make music “right now" in the past ten years... But, not anymore. And, the main reason why I'm back is for sure: Making music makes me happy! I feel accomplished every time one new track is done, and I know exactly when it's really done. I realized, if you spend huge amount of energy in your work, as a reward, more positive energy is coming back to you!

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Here's the final remix 4 Damjana. High energy Piano Deep House Track. Enjoy FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!