Ok, here's the latest very raw video cut of "Danylo - Our Problem Is Civil Obedience" track that was released on House For Home Listening album.

Hey folks! Here's one more video for album "House For Home Listening" and single Danylo - All Those Girls (Late Night Remix)

Hey pipz! Check out this video for Danylo's track "Brrrrraaa (Urban African Mix)". New york City Streets, real life moments!

Ok, I finally decided that I need to put some video on my latest Album release "House for Home Listening". I started with 1, 2, 3, 4 (Hit It) (Aaahhh Mix), video was recorded while I was riding my bike at Riverside Park, New York. A bit shaky and blurry, but you'll get the point

Funky, Jazzy, Soulful, Vocal House EP. Vocals by Milena Jelic (Millennium), music by George Caper (Sax), Danilo Radakovic (production), Zlatan Zilic, Igor Lecic, Ivan Milinkov (remixes)

This is Break Beat Jazzy House Extended EP. Funky guitars, breaks, jazzy chords, some vocals and the final result is 8 tracks.

Hey pipz. I finally made it, I uploaded my first music production CD 'Coming" on YouTube for good. I know some other guy already did it, but this is "official" ;) Check it out and subscribe if you like it!