Danylo House for Home ListeningI know that few of you passionate house music lovers who are following my work noticed that I started again with some new music production in 2016. It took me many years to put my ass in that computer chair and work on some new music, but I finally did it. Now, I could count many reasons why I started with electronic music production again, there are many. All I know that this “music production passion” bothered me for many years before I took it seriously again. Well, maybe I always had an “valid” excuse not to make music “right now" in the past ten years... But, not anymore. And, the main reason why I'm back is for sure: Making music makes me happy! I feel accomplished every time one new track is done, and I know exactly when it's really done. I realized, if you spend huge amount of energy in your work, as a reward, more positive energy is coming back to you!

Now, the question that bothers every rookie producer like me is; Is my music worth something, can I sell it to some other people than me? Can I live just making it? The answer is: I don't know yet, I'm really just staring again, I'm not chasing record labels, all I want is for my music to be available in some online music stores. And, if something sells, good, if not, I'll try to make another track, and another, and another... What is important, my new music works for me, and, maybe for some of you house heads will work too. I don't know, you should try to listen to it. That's why I'm spreading it on the internet, I hope my music will find similar minds that will connect and click.

So, after almost ten years of “production absence", here I am, back in the game again, and I feel I'm on the right track this time because I don't have any pressure. I'm old, nobody from any establishment knows for me, and nobody cares what I do! So, I'm totally free! Music production became my obsession, but, the pleasant one. I don't make any compromise thinking if someone else besides me will ever like this music, I just let it go in the Universe.

I create what I feel at that moment of that time. I even wanted to name my latest (2nd) album House for Home Listening as “10 years”, because it took me that much time to release it. I was listening to so much good music for a long period of time, but when I heard some bad music, I decided, it's enough for me. If they can sell this shit, I'll put mine out there too.

So, after I made this album in four months, it took me one more month to prepare simple videos for it, and it's all done now. I believe I was guided by hyper inspiration. Every night when I had time, I would use music making machine and produce something raw. Few days later I would have it ready for the world... Sure, some of it I would polish even more later, but the core was there, and I used it all for this album release. After I made 12 tracks and 2 instrumental versions, I decided that is time to let it go, feel what crowd has to say about it on Soundcloud, and now also on YouTube.

Now, soon after I finished House for Home Listening album, I jumped onto three new EP projects, all of them were symbolically pre released on Band camp on my birthday, 4th of the July 2016 as a promo. But, I'll promote these releases separately soon. You can buy and listen to all of it on Bandcamp right now, or on Google Music here.

I know, some of you will consider my own music even foolish, but I like my music, and I'm not ashamed of it. What is most important for me is that I'm old enough that I really don't care what most of the people has to say. But, I do care what some of you have to say about anything, especially about electronic music. My message: Listen to it loud and clear, message is there, music follows it. You like it, that's great! You don't, that's fine with me too.